Thursday, January 6, 2011

Café Ilang-Ilang ♥ ♥


You mean you haven’t been to Manila Hotel lately and you’re oblivious to all these great things happening???


IMG_5070The Grand Lobby full of romantic Old Manila charm


The Champagne Room which serves fine French cuisine


in a tasteful and elegant main dining room


It’s not only for romantic dates but also for big gatherings


IMG_5061Mabuhay Palace, the hotel’s new Chinese restaurant (have to try it one of these days)


IMG_5056The restrooms with vanity and sitting area


And last but not the least…

IMG_5054Café Ilang-Ilang, the newest buffet in town


There’s too much food and I can’t wait to eat so I take only a few photos. You must come see it for yourself.

IMG_4951Seafoods on ice


IMG_4968Cold Appies






IMG_4971Tamago, selection of sushi, and there’s more


IMG_4934Korean Station


IMG_4993Korean Beef Ribs – A MUST!


IMG_4996Grilled-to-order goodness


IMG_4912Indian-Mediterranean Station


IMG_4901All kinds of curries and shawarma, too


IMG_4982Fishes for grilling




IMG_4904Baked salmon casserole


IMG_4922Spanish-Filipino Station


IMG_4925Roast Duck






IMG_4942Pizzas and Parma Ham


IMG_4978Cheese, cheese, cheese


IMG_4959Ice Cream Teppanyaki and Halo-Halo Station


Loving the irregular shapes of the cakes


IMG_4964Ice Cream


IMG_4943Sleek and handsome coffee machine. Hi, I’m Jin and I’d like to take you home with me.


IMG_4954Café Ilang-Ilang, it’s the 2011 thing to do.


My plates:

IMG_5000Japanese Plate. Salmon is fresh, tamago is love


IMG_5002Seafood pomelo salad


IMG_4992Korean Plate. Korean beef ribs + Korean rice = to die for


IMG_5007Indian Plate. Hummus is good.


IMG_5009Meat Plate


IMG_5017Dessert Time! Love the presentation and bitter-creaminess of the espresso tiramisu.


IMG_5020Mango-Banana Crepe


IMG_5022Brewed Coffee and Café Latte




IMG_5027And then suddenly I remember I haven’t had Italian


IMG_5033This is the way you eat it. OMG goodness.


IMG_5051Desserts again to end the meal properly


IMG_5049Ube and Gianduja. I love Ferrero Rocher in ice cream form.


As of this meal, Café Ilang-Ilang is still on dry run. Naturally, as there are hits, there are also misses. But if this is just dry run, then I can’t wait to be back when it officially opens. January 31, mark your calendars.

Oh and Spiral and Circles, you better watch out.


P.S. I go back to Ilang-Ilang 2 days after this meal. Check out my second visit here.


Café Ilang-Ilang: Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-527-0011

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