Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ancient City of Wiang Kum Kam ♥


So back in ‘84 a Thai Princess studies archeology and uncovers the remains of an ancient city. Multiple flooding and the Ping River changing courses caused this city of Wiang Kum Kam to be buried underground. And then after some 700 years you suddenly discover there’s a whole town underneath you all along. Pretty exciting stuff.



We go around the place in this horse-drawn mini carriage (Uncle Richard and I can barely fit!) expecting to be oooohhing and aaaahhing all the way.

But that doesn’t happen.

I guess the excitement lies more in the “discovering” part than in the “viewing of the discoveries” part.

Most of what remains from the 9 temples unearthed are just low piles of bricks that look like… well, low piles of bricks.


IMG_6635Wat Kuu Par Dom. See what I mean?


IMG_6665Here’s another one. Wat Nan Chang.


IMG_6673Wat E-Kang. Okay, this one’s actually got a Wat.


IMG_6641Wat That Khao. And this one’s even got a Buddha.


IMG_6632The only working temple is Wat Chedi Liam. Built in 1286, this Haripunchai style
chedi has the image of Buddha in every niche in every tier. If my multiplication skills are still trustworthy, there’s 60 in all.


IMG_6658And that’s the real thing behind us (Auntie Susan, Sam, Uncle Richard, Me). Our tour guide explains that the hair and shoulders of buddha is kept in the very peak of this temple while his other body parts are stored in other different temples. When people get sick, they go to the appropriate Wat to pray for cure. For instance, people with tonsillitis go to the temple with the throat. Interesting, no? So remember, guys, when suffering from a bad hair day, come worship at Wat Chedi Liam.


IMG_6656The Vihara (or Assembly Hall) at Wat Chedi Liam


IMG_6662Coconut break!!!


IMG_6664I can never get enough of my favorite Thailand drink!


IMG_6677A traditional Lanna house in the Wat Chang Kham compound


IMG_6679This area is already 3/4 of the house


IMG_6681Every household must have these earthenware pots to hold water for guests


IMG_6682A shrine for the ancestors


IMG_6683Living/dining area




IMG_6685Kitchen at the back of the house


IMG_6688Deep well


IMG_6690Shoes are not allowed in the public restrooms. In-house slippers are provided.
Take a pair, PLREASE!


IMG_6692Thai massage. The perfect way to end the day.


Wiang Kum Kam: Wang Tan, Sarapee District, outside Chiang Mai City, Thailand.
Tel: 05327 7322

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