Saturday, January 29, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, January 17-23, 2011

Just a couple of announcements:

1. I am back from Chiang Mai. Now I want a baby tiger for a pet.

2. I gained 5 pounds in 5 days on this trip. Not too bad, methinks. It was 11 pounds in 4 days when I did Tokyo.

3. I pay for all my meals. Well, sometimes The Family or The Date does. Winking smile


Just saying.



January 17, 2:54pm

IMG_5941Chicken adobo, black mushrooms, spinach and shredded scallops

IMG_5945Pomelo, dragon fruit, pear, watermelon


January 17, 7:56pm

IMG_5968Lapu-lapu fillet, French beans, black mushrooms with scallops and Jaine’s XO sauce,
Paella Negra by Peewee Morato


January 18, 12:54pm

IMG_5970Tilapia fillet, broccoli, French beans, mushrooms with scallops

IMG_5972Pomelo, dragon fruit, melon, apple


January 18, 9:41pm

IMG_5975Shrimps, fried pork chop, mustard greens, spinach

IMG_5976Pomelo, dragon fruit, melon, red cherries


January 19, 10:40am

IMG_5979Tuna on walnut wheat bun


January 20, 12:40mpm

IMG_6039Pan-fried sole fillet, milkfish belly, mustard greens, yellow peppers, Chinese yam

IMG_6041Cherries, banana, dragon fruit, melon, custard apple, pomelo


January 20, 7:09pm

IMG_6042Braised tofu, boneless chicken barbeque, Chinese pechay, rice


January 21, 12:17pm

IMG_6044Sautéed shrimps with asparagus, salmon fillet, garlicky beef adobo, adobo rice

IMG_6045Melon, pear, apple, pomelo, banana


January 21, 7:40pm

IMG_6046Tricolor pasta: pesto shrimp fettuccini, creamy chicken mushroom linguine,
tomato basil shrimp pappardelle


January 22, 1:55pm

IMG_6049Mackerel, buttered mushrooms, cauliflower and shrimps, XO sauce rice

IMG_6051Melon, dragon fruit, apple, pear, pomelo


January 23, 10:52am

IMG_6154Oranges, mango, pear, kiwi, pomelo, dragon fruit


January 24, 12:17am

IMG_6218Spiral Chocolate Mousse Cake. My birthday’s not till August, but thank you, Auntie Babes!


January 24,  11:30am

IMG_6223Crispy tadyang, squash, pechay with XO sauce, French beans, chicken, hard-boiled egg

IMG_6225Orange, apple, dragon fruit, pear, kiwi, pomelo, banana

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