Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rajwong Shark-Fin Soup Chinese Restaurant 籃朝翁魚翅 ♥

IMG_6269This is our very first stop after touchdown in Chiang Mai


IMG_6251The place is almost closing. We make it just in time. Yeah.


IMG_6261Sharks Fin Soup with Crabmeat – the fins, although generous in portion, require more braising. The soup needs more flavor and much less cornstarch. I miss you, Kieak.


IMG_6263Roasted Suckling Pig with Mini Steamed Buns – thick, crunchy and very porky


IMG_6256Flavors to go with The Pigginess


IMG_6265Baked Crab Claw with Grass Noodle (I think Rajwong really means gLass noodle) -
crabmeat and noodles a bit too dry but yay to no more cracking and peeling!


IMG_6257Stir Fried Morning Glory with Garlic – oily but still nice with a little heat to excite the palate


IMG_6254Next time we’ll be more adventurous and try the Spicy Sea Fish Bowel Smile with tongue out


Fresh off the plane: Uncle Richard, Samantha, Me, Auntie Susan


Rajwong Shark-Fin Soup Chinese Restaurant 籃朝翁魚翅: 412/4-5-6 Anekpasong Soi 6, Chiang Mai Land Village, Changklan Road, A. Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tel: 053 204763
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