Monday, December 13, 2010

Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza ♥ ♥


I rarely go out for drinks nowadays. Usually, it’s just dinner, then coffee (with desserts, of course), then home. I’d rather stay home with a good book or play Bejeweled than go out and mingle. Surprise! This is the real me. My name is Jin, I’m a grandma, and I quite like it.

Seriously, clubbing takes up too much energy. You drink alcohol, dance a little, socialize a little, smile a lot, burn your lungs inhaling second hand smoke, and then suddenly your friends invite you to take some shots (that Patron XO Café is actually quite delicious). I tell you, not easy. You gotta prepare your body hard for it.

So before a big night out, this is what we cousins do.

We load up. At Spiral.

Did I tell you it is a buffet?


IMG_3588Clockwise from top left: Nikko, Florence, Felisse, Archie, Me, Princess, Steve, Little Samara, Ritchie and Frances


Ready… Get set… GO!!!!!!

IMG_3523Chinese hot dishes


IMG_3527Dimsum station


IMG_3529Noodles and Peking duck stations


IMG_3531Carving station


IMG_3535Fresh seafood and vegetables for grilling


IMG_3537Okay, she isn’t ready yet


IMG_3540Indian station


IMG_3544Yakiniku, yakitori


IMG_3553Sukiyaki, etc.


IMG_3558Sushi, rolls, sashimi


IMG_3561Mussels and prawns


IMG_3555Cold cuts and cheeses


IMG_3533Mini desserts


IMG_3534Marshmallows, fruits, and chocolate fountains




IMG_3547And guess what this is!


IMG_3550Foie gras station!!! Eat all you can, man! Oh, help me, sweet Jesus!


There is more food, but the stomach is impatient.


IMG_3566My foie gras plate. But of course! 
They don’t season the thing so you have to let your creative juices flow.


IMG_3573My salad and sashimi plate. I don’t care what they say. I like to mix.


IMG_3570My lamb chop plate. I share this with others, promise!


IMG_3584My baked oyster plate. This one’s for sharing, too.


IMG_3568My dad’s plate before I steal a piece of his foie gras. “Just one,” I say, seeing my stomach already bulging out my dress, “I just finished a plateful myself.”


And then a few minutes later…

IMG_3581Oh, what the heck, it’s not as if I do this every single day


IMG_3594My cheese plate. And no, that wet thing beside the cracker is not my drool, but it might as well be. Because I found the most delicious honey ever…


IMG_3591Truffle honey!!! Heaven in a bottle.


IMG_3600Chocolate chip cookies. Probably my favorite of all Spiral buffet items. Terribly addicting!


With our bellies hanging out, we head to Opus for a fun night out.

And for more food, of course.


IMG_3607The buffet people


IMG_3601Chiz, Ritchie, Paul, Jeff, Ton, Donna, Me, Joy and Perry


Spiral: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-551-5555

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