Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jaine’s Place and XO Sauce

I like the way the Dragon Gate scion designs his home, and I am a fan of his XO sauce. So when I hear that Donna is going over for an XO sauce-making session, I cordially invite myself to the event right away.


IMG_6030The living area has very high ceiling


IMG_6019So chic, so modern glass-encased stairs


IMG_6013A bit of warm red adds color to the house


Shush, enough home photos.

Today we are here to make some sizzlin’ seafood sauce.


IMG_5991Jaine cooking, Donna eating. Oppps!


IMG_6001Jaine still cooking… (and humming “It’s a hard-knock life for us…”)


IMG_5995A closer look (sorry, cannot disclose the top secret recipe)


And while Jaine cooks and cooks and cooks, Jin eats and eats and eats.


IMG_5987“The Jaine Salad” – lettuce, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and brie, drizzled with peanut dressing and blackberry sauce. OMG THIS IS SUPER YUMMY. 


IMG_5990Corned Beef on Toast – check out the nasty food coloring. But sometimes people just need some canned food lovin’. At least we pair it with healthy wheat toasts.


IMG_6002Now let me try that with XO sauce


IMG_6027Meet Tubby, the furry mistress of the house


IMG_6032Seriously, Jaine, host a dinner at this sexy table!

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