Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Momofuku Milk Bar ♥



I tried EXTREMELY hard to secure dinner reservations at Momofuku Ko weeks before my trip, but alas, it didn’t happen. I guess buying breakfast at the Milk Bar is the next best thing.


IMG_0484Apple, Cheddar & Caramelized Onion Cornbread – the mild tartness of the apple,
saltiness of the cheddar and sweetness of the onion mix quite well in this cornbread.
After a few bites, however, it loses its magic. 


IMG_0488Clockwise from left: Corn Cookie (corn powder, corn flour) – love this cookie the best 
Blueberry & Cream Cookie (dried blueberries, milk crumbs) – nothing special
Compost Cookie (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, chocolate chips) –
quite good but a bit too sweet


IMG_0475Cereal Milk – this is Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes dissolved in milk.
Fun to drink except I don’t plan to become a diabetic this early in life.
Or this early in the morning.


It’s 8:00am and I’m on a sugar high.

Good morning, wet and wild New York!


Momofuku Milk Bar: 15 West 56th Street, New York, New York, USA. Tel: 212.777.7773

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