Thursday, January 28, 2016

Eslava ♥ ♥

I read so many wonderful things about Eslava I put it number one on my list for my trip to Seville

The place does not take reservations and I was lucky to get a seat at the bar as soon as I arrived.
Another perk of being a single traveler! ;)

Tapas bar menu

English version for you and me

There is also a restaurant behind the tapas bar. It was packed for a weekday lunch.

Something light and refreshing to prepare my palate

A plate of olives and some kind of beans that I hungrily polished off. I was so hungry!!!

And then my server looked at me, aghast. He immediately grabbed a bag from under the bar 
and explained to me that the yellow things were lupin beans and the skin was not edible.

I looked around me and saw empty lupin bean shells on every plate. Hahahaha! OOOPS!!!!!!
I told him I was seriously starving and he made sure my food came immediately. Lol.

Scallops of seaweed puree and kataifi noodles. Just a tad overcooked for my liking.

Razor clams a la plancha

Look how plump and tender. This was, hands down, my favorite at Eslava.
Okay, this was the only dish I enjoyed at Eslava.

Slow-cooked egg on boletus cake. I was most excited for this because it won 1st Prize
for Best Tapas at Sevilla en Boca de Todos 2010. Turned out to be rather underwhelming. 

The Cigar for Becquer won 3rd Prize, but the brie pastry stuffed with squid ink cream
 and algae did absolutely nothing for me.

My dessert of chocolate orange torte saved the day

Wiped out in 5 minutes! My server was totally amused by me. 

And these gentlemen seemed to approve of my appetite

Good job, Jin who really loves to eat!

Service was great at Eslava. Come for a plate of razor clams then move to 
ConTenedor or La Brunilda for a proper meal.

Eslava: Calle Eslava, 3, 41002 Sevilla, Spain
Tel: +34 954 90 65 68

Eslava Website

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