Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Doña Maria Premium Rice

I used to cook more when I was living on my own.

I don't go to the kitchen much nowadays, except to raid the fridge at odd hours of the night. You know what they say, there can only be one queen in the kitchen.

So I let Mom do her thing, feed us the good stuff, prepare one-dish rice toppings for us - usually three different viands over soft and steaming rice - and our daily fruit box consisting sometimes of 10 different kinds of fruits!

She is doing a great job. I have absolutely no complaints except that because her cooking is so good, I always end up asking for extra Japanese rice.

Suahe, steamed lapu-lapu, blanched spinach, steak rice 

Stuffed crab, garlicky turbo chicken fried rice, half-eaten maki (ooops, my fault!)   

Pork adobo, braised tofu, steamed spinach, corn fried rice

Gambas and bacon fried rice

Imagine the surprise of my life when I walked into the kitchen one afternoon and saw the help unloading the groceries. It was never Japanese rice. It has always been Doña Maria premium rice!

Rice situation at home. All the white rice is mine!

I am super impressed. And I want to share this news with everyone because I have a soft spot for everything local.

Why buy imported when our own farmers can produce excellent quality rice?

And there are so many varieties. Jasponica white rice, Miponica white rice, Jasponica brown rice, Miponica brown rice, Jasponica white plus brown rice…

I'm a white rice-only kind of person. I love my white rice. Nothing can come between me and my white rice. 

Except tuyo. 

For tuyo I am willing to swap 2 cups of white rice for 3 cups of brown.

Tuyo with Miponica brown rice (first of three cups).
The photo says everything. The brown rice tastes almost like white, but is higher in nutrients  
and fiber, magnesium, selenium, vitamins B1, B3, and B6. I feel so healthy already!

Jasponica Bown and Miponica Brown

Still, I will forever be a white rice lover. 
Give me white rice and XO sauce and I have a complete meal.

Homemade XO sauce rice. My quick solution to hunger problems.

But because I promised to try eating healthier this year, it will be white plus brown rice
for me from now on.

Like I said in my previous post, BABY STEPS! :)

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