Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ConTenedor ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

After dropping off my bags at Hotel Casa 1800 following a long-haul flight from Manila and a train ride from Madrid (with a quick stop at Chocolateria San Ginés for some churros con chocolate), I literally ran to conTenedor to make it to my 4 p.m. lunch reservation.

When you see this beautiful building, the restaurant is right across

ConTenedor is a slow food restaurant, meaning you will be eating good, clean, and fair food 
while supporting sustainability and harmony with nature.

A friendly server led me through the bright, colorful, quirky restaurant and seated me 
at a table with Tiffany blue paint.

Pots and pans hanging from the ceiling

The restaurant is always full so be sure to book ahead

Colorful and dreamy paintings like this line the walls

Wine list

Olives, bread, and my vino blanco Perfum

Ordering was a breeze as I already knew what I wanted. I pointed to two items on
the handwritten chalkboard. It was my first time in Spain, but I understood clearly
 what I needed to survive. At that moment, it was tartar de salmon con mango,
aguacate y ajoblanco de anacardos, and arroz negro crujiente de calamar y alioli.

Tartar de salmon con mango
The salmon mango tartare was incredibly fresh and sat on an irresistible almond and garlic cream, topped with crisp, peppery arugula. I finished this in no time and used the bread to mop up
 every last drop of the ajoblanco. 

I cleaned it up some more after this shot

Arroz negro crujiente de calamar y alioli
The flavorful squid ink rice had crispy bits of grains in it, crowned with tender calamari strips.

My poor stomach was ready to explode after the arroz negra, 
but I saw the magic word when my server handed me the dessert menu:

The sweet mascarpone was as heavenly as it looked. I had absolutely no regrets polishing
 off the whole plate. 

It was a perfect first meal that kept me full and satisfied throughout the most intense and
 passionate flamenco performance I enjoyed that evening (see post here)


I LOVE conTenedor and will make it my first meal again when 
I'm back in Seville

Warning: The restroom is very, very red

Happy Halloween! :P

conTenedor: Calle San Luis, 50, Seville, Spain
Tel: +34 954916333

conTenedor Facebook Page

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