Monday, February 1, 2016

Plaza de Espana ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Plaza de España is my favorite place in all of Seville. It is grand, the tiles are beautiful, it honors the 48 provinces of Spain, and most of all, it is oh so romantic! I felt like I walked into a fairytale.

The 50,000-square meter plaza was built for the Ibero-American Expo 1929 and is now
home to a few government offices 

At the center of the plaza is the Vicente Travers fountain, which you must also see at night
when the lamp posts around it are lighted up. So breathtaking!

Following the curve of the semi-circular building is a canal crossed by four bridges.
You can rent a boat and spend a lovely time rowing in the canal.

The bridges are the prettiest I have ever seen

Blue, white and yellow ceramics everywhere!

Even on the stairs and on the floor

Waaaahhhhh I am super in love with Seville!!!!!!! 

You look up, you see beauty

You look down, you see beauty

You look straight and your heart wants to burst out of your chest. It is overwhelming
to be surrounded with all this exquisiteness.

Twin towers flank both ends of the plaza

Standing in the south tower looking out to the north

Around the plaza are tiled alcoves each representing a different province in Spain and a
specific time in its history. The tile work is just amazing. I went around and had my 
photo taken in front of all the provinces I was visiting that trip. Hahaha!

Here are the photos without me, so you know what to expect soon on the blog. :)








I missed Segovia. Oops.

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon moving from one bench to another, crossing bridges, daydreaming, and just soaking up the calming atmosphere of the plaza.

Don't forget to go up to the balcony

Look up and be mesmerized all over again

I was planning to hop over to Maria Luisa Park right next door, but sadly it was closed
for an event. I guess this only means I must return one day. 

No photos can ever do justice to the magnificence of Plaza de España. 
Promise me you will go experience it for yourself when in Seville.

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