Friday, June 12, 2009

Ladurée ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


For dessert fanatics, a visit to the legendary Ladurée is akin to a religious experience…


laduree tokyo


laduree macarons Rainbow-colored Deliciousness


I go insane with indecision as I drool over each and every item in Ladurée’s cake display while waiting for a table at this holy sanctuary of all things sweet and pretty. I focus. I concentrate. This is major. This is serious stuff. This is life and death.

My thoughts are disrupted by the receptionist who announces that our table is ready. After making ourselves comfortable, I signal the server over and start the interrogation. Which is your best seller? Which among the chocolate cakes is the best? Why? Which among the fruity ones is the best? Why? What is the difference between this and that? What? Which? Why? How? Are you sure??? Okay!!! HURRY!!!!!!

So rejoice, lovers of the truest and the best-est thing in life, I present to you…

b26_ _(BLANK) __

Hahaha!!! I AM SORRY!!! But this is OH SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD my mind slips into a coma from intense chocolate and hazelnut shock. This is ferrero rocher, nutella, baci and kinder bueno rolled into one and formed into a cake. So smooth, so rich, so moist, so crisp, all at the same time, this cake makes me want to jump up and down, twirl, do cartwheels, tiptoe, ballet dance, break dance and do the hokey-pokey all in one go it drives me crazy! This cake is


laduree saint honore rose framboiseSaint Honoré Rose-Framboise

And isn’t this just the daintiest and prettiest cake you’ve ever set eyes on? If heaven is food, it can only be Ladurée's Saint Honoré Rose-Framboise. The first bite and suddenly I float into the skies, the cherubs appear and the harp starts playing. And the cream... I cannot even begin to tell you about the cream. It is so light and silky I believe it really is rose-flavored clouds.  And the cream puffs must be the soft, fluffy pillows angels sleep on. Together with fresh raspberries and perfect, flaky puff pastry, each bite makes you feel a step closer to paradise. It is divine. It brings me glee. It is my little piece of heaven here on earth.

As I was saying, for dessert fanatics, a trip to the legendary Ladurée is akin to a religious experience. Indeed, for me it truly is one.


b23aMe in Heaven


Ladurée: 2F, Ginza Mitsukoshi, 4-6-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo.


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