Saturday, February 23, 2013

Purple High Ube Cake ♥


The sweetest surprise I got on Valentine's Day is this Purple High Cake.


IMG 3298

"Happy Hearts and Tummies Day, Jin! From Alfred"



IMG 3312

Yes, from ALFRED.
And this is how I cut my cake, taking only my favorite part - the ALFRED part.



After my first forkful, I notice this ube cake is so light it's actually more a mamon than a cake. So I figure I can afford to eat another slice.


IMG 3314

 Jin and Alfred. Lol. :P



And just for the heck of it, I cut another slice.


IMG 3316




IMG 3319

The Purple High is a light and fluffy ube chiffon with a super thin layer of homemade ube jam filling 
and covered in ube buttercream. The color is so very beautiful (purple is my absolute favorite!),
but flavor is lacking. For a real purple "high," I suggest you pair this cake with my favorite
ube products: dunk it in Mr. Moo's ube milk or top it with Bono's ube ice cream.
Or both for maximum pleasure!



IMG 3325

The Aftermath


Thank you, "Alfred!" You are the high in this Purple High. :)


To order, call Dorothy Ferreria of Dorothy’s Cooking School at 723-9722 or 0919-5669977.

Dorothy Ferreria Website 

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