Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bakery Fair 2013


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If you're not doing anything tomorrow, check out the Bakery Fair 2013 at the World Trade Center.

If you got something planned already, CANCEL IT!

I don't mean to be demanding, but tomorrow, February 22, is the last day. :P 



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Visit the Multi-Link Import Export at booths 150-151. Get your baking/cooking/eating needs here.
(You can visit other booths, too, but only if you want. Hehehe.) 



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The icing on this cappuccino cake is made using non-dairy cappuccino whipping cream



IMG 3922

It comes in chocolate flavor, too. I sometimes drink this stuff straight off the carton.



IMG 3934

The complete line. They are all non-dairy!



IMG 3923

Multi-Link also carries Splenda, maraschino cherries, pie fillings (apple, blueberry, cherry,
strawberry), fruit cocktail, peach halves, pear halves, nuts, seeds, breadcrumbs, tempura flour...



IMG 3926

Raisins, candy sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, dried fruits, instant coffee, ampalaya tea,
paper towels, dishwashing liquid, Langers brand juices...



IMG 3915

Chocolate decor, too
(Sorry, I nibbled on the petals)



Multi-Link's newest product is this Automatic Non-Powered Grease Trap:


IMG 3917


This grease trap is a kind of special equipment that effectively separates and removes 99% of the FOG and traps 95% of the solid residual from the waste water. It prevents drainage blockage, and the collected oil could be recycled and transformed into biological diesel oil, soap, and other useful products. Did I already mention it is also non-powered? So that's huge savings for you on cost and energy! This genius comes in different sizes and is perfect for homes, restaurants, hotels, canteens, food processing plants, car washing stations, etc. etc. etc.



IMG 3976

 Visit the Multi-Link booth for more details!



My favorite find at the Bakery Fair is this:

IMG 3950

Chateau de France



IMG 3952

Crusty and chewy beautiful French breadssssssss



IMG 3955

Apple pie



IMG 3954

Pain au chocolat



IMG 3957

So flaky, so good!

Can't wait for their shop to open at SM Aura!



Bakery Fair 2013
February 21-23, 2013
World Trade Center, Pasay City

Bakery Fair 2013 Website

Baker Fair 2013 Facebook Page

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