Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mr. Moo's ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 7160



And a trip to Tagaytay is never complete without making a pilgrimage to Mr. Moo's.

It's like going to Hong Kong and not eating roast goose. And beef brisket curry noodles. And Ebeneezer's. And baked barbecue pork buns. And cantonese style milk tea. And hairy crabs. And dimsum. And four-yolk mooncakes… You get the point.

Or going to France and not eating France fries. (Sorry, couldn't help it! Hee hee hee!)



IMG 7164

Mr. Moo's carries a whole technicolor chalkboard of dairy products



IMG 7162

My favorite is the Ube Milk. Look at that creamy, velvety, purply liquid.
I want stick my face in the bottle and soak in the luscious ubeness forever.



Other favorites are fresh carabao milk and fresh goat milk (of course, anything chocolate-flavored automatically becomes part of the list).

Methinks cow's milk is only for milk-sissies.  


IMG 7166

That's us



IMG 7159

And that's our stash (well, at least part of it)


Mr. Moo's: Tagaytay 0922-8774085 and Silang 0922-8774083

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