Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gulliver's of San Francisco ♥


Okay, so it's time I tell you about my Valentine's date.

You know what they say, when you are single (or in a relationship but wish you were single), you spend happy valentine's day with the two people you love and who love you the most.

It was the least bit romantic for me. (And I am sure for Mom and Dad who must be sick and tired of having me 3rd-wheel on ALL their dinner dates, movie dates, grocery dates, etc. etc. etc. - you get the point.)

And the dinner venue? It was super duper nice and oozing with romance I wanted to cry. Laugh out loud.



IMG 3254

Mom, bewildered: "Ano to? Chinese food ba kakain natin???"



IMG 3260

Because it was a very last minute decision, Gulliver's was already fully booked when I called
for reservation 15 minutes before we arrived for dinner, so we were given a table at the
"restaurant extension" which turned out to be the ballroom on the 11th floor. (My bad.)



IMG 3262

It felt like a casual Chinese restaurant trying very hard to be fine dining



IMG 3269

I wonder if this lady shared my thoughts



IMG 3265

I tried hard not to be arte and judgmental, but ano ba kuya?!?!?! 
They used scotch tape to hold the broken glass together!



IMG 3259

And this is not how a menu should look like, especially not on the most overrated
day of the year. Ayayay!  #fail



IMG 3268

Clam Chowder



IMG 3273

Dad had grilled lamb chops



IMG 3276

Mom had grilled seabass with wasabi sauce



IMG 3278

And I had prime rib, medium rare, with yorkshire pudding, baked potato, spinach souffle and 
creamed corn.

Order taker: "Ma'am, okay na ang Petite Cut sa inyo."
Me: "Ay hindi, gusto ko Gulliver's Cut!" 



IMG 3283

It was okay, but not as good as I remembered it to be



IMG 3288

The English Trifle tasted really weird



IMG 3286

Mom, Dad, and the stubborn daughter who just won't go away

Five minutes later, my plate was wiped clean, Dad's plate was wiped clean, and Mom's plate
was full of leftover broccoli because according to her, all broccolis that were not processed in
her own kitchen have many, many worms hiding inside.



IMG 3296

Thank you, Gulliver, for the roses!



IMG 5454

After dinner, we went to check out the night bazaar across the street



IMG 5458

And look what I found! Pretty balls of purple!
(So this is what puto maya looks like!)



IMG 5462

Of course, I couldn't resist. Filled with langka bits and topped with sugar, sesame seeds
and grated niyog, this is one of life's simplest pleasures :)



How did you spend your Valentine's Day? :)


Gulliver's on San Francisco: 10/F, Great Eastern Hotel, 7842 Makati Avenue, Makati City. Tel: +632 8967475

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