Friday, November 2, 2012

Press Cafe ♥


IMG 7150



Quick dinner at Press Cafe before Wreck-It Ralph...


IMG 7133

Chicken Fingers - very crispy! As long as you don't mind a mild taste of oil in every bite, this was ok



IMG 7134

Cheesy Eggplant - so tasteless and extremely greasy. Such a fail. :(



IMG 7138

Crispy Milkfish - ok lah



IMG 7143

Pesto Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken - ok lah



IMG 7136

The Bleu Burger - now this one I liked enough. I'm happy they used real blue cheese
rather than just flavored dressing



IMG 7141

Burger innards



Some cool things I saw at Press Cafe:


IMG 7147

The flooring



IMG 7148

The magazine rack



IMG 7142

The Sister's hair!


Press Cafe: Level R3, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati. Tel: +632 901-4177

Press Cafe Facebook Page

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