Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hairy Crabs at Flat C3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


November in Hong Kong.

Hairy crabs are in season.

But it’s a crazy 10oC outside.

So I’m staying in.

And I have prepared well for it.


IMG_6516My Dinner Army


hairy crab  hairy crab 
Playing with my food.   E.T., is that you???


hairy crab

I cook two of them first, so that the other two can watch while I massacre their friends. Mwahahaha!!! Because I am using an electric steamer, the crab vendor instructs me to cook for 25 minutes, 3 minutes longer than the usual cooking time. And look what happens, the precious golden juices ooze out! I go ballistic. Hysterical. Berserk. Violent. Mental. Neurotic. And then I calmly take my seat and start enjoying my meal.


hairy crabNot too bad, actually. At least not as bad as I expected.


hairy crab A closer look


hairy crab  I heart yellow gunk!


hairy crab Batch # 2, you’re up!


hairy crab 22 minutes this time


hairy crab See that sticky translucent paste on top? That’s my favorite!


hairy crabAwww… isn’t this just too beautiful?


Let me tell you, a delicious and messy meal like this can only be enjoyed with someone you love, someone you are totally comfortable with, one who doesn’t mind the not-so-cute slurping and sucking sounds you make and actually finds them cute, who thinks your crab roe tainted cheeks and fingers are just adorable. He must be someone who loves you more than you will ever love him. And how do you know if he is that someone?

He lets you have all the roe.

I am truly blessed to have that someone tonight.


IMG_6546My Someone.


hairy crabMore crab legs, Brad?

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