Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Casino de Monte Carlo ♥ ♥


The Place du Casino in Monte Carlo boasts opulent 19th century architecture, trees, flags, designer labels, out-of-towners, fancy rides, fancier rides, and fanciest rides...


IMG 9842


IMG 9858


IMG 9860


IMG 9863


IMG 1320



I don't have much interest in cars, engines, models, and all these stuff guys go crazy about, but the handsome machine below made me go "Whooaaaa!!!"


IMG 9868

I think it's a Rolls Royce. I'm in love. :)


My purpose for coming to Monaco is to have lunch at Le Louis XV, but since I arrived early and my stomach was still feeling rather heavy from this morning's breakfast buffet, I decided to first check out the world famous Casino de Monte Carlo. 

It was noon and the casino just opened. 

Aside from 7 other tourists and myself, the gambling paradise was deserted.


IMG 9871


IMG 9873


IMG 9874


IMG 9876


IMG 9878


IMG 9879


IMG 9880


IMG 9883


IMG 9888


IMG 9890



My favorite part of the casino is the Salle Blache, an elegant bar and lounge decorated in pretty golds and powder blues.


IMG 9893


IMG 9894


IMG 9895


IMG 9896



Casino de Monte Carlo: Place du Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tel: +377 98 06 21 21

Casino de Monte Carlo Website


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