Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Le Louis XV by Alain Ducasse ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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I heard Le Louis XV is fancy schmancy, but I wasn't prepared for the grandeur and lavishness that greeted me. 

Even though I had one of those life-saving foldable ballerinas in my bag, I suddenly felt the urge to run back out to one of the many boutiques around the hotel and buy a pair of shoes befitting the opulence of the dining room, the marble columns, the massive crystal chandeliers, the plush carpet, the gold trimmings... But the nice hostess smiled and nodded at me, signaling that it was absolutely fine for me to come in my FitFlops. 



IMG 9962

It felt like I was actually dining inside the Versailles Palace



IMG 1326

Plates and cutlery in gold. Only in Monte Carlo!



IMG 9920

A glass of champagne to kill the heat



IMG 9922

Lanson Rose Label



IMG 9930

Thin sheets of vegetable-printed bread. Crisp and tasty. And so artsy. 



IMG 9925

Instead of a simple bread tray, Le Louis XV presented diners with
a fully loaded bread trolley. Carbs buffet!



IMG 9936

I got the semolina bread or "the book," which looked more exciting than it actually tasted,
and the seasonal sun-dried tomato bread which tasted more exciting that it looked



IMG 9937

Fresh butter and the little fellow that accompanied me throughout my meal



IMG 9940

Amuse bouche was a beautiful medley of sardines and vegetables in season 
served on olive oil bread and drizzled with Taggiasca olive oil.
So simple, clean and honest, each ingredient was a star.



IMG 9941

Marinara salad of shrimp, tuna belly, anchovies, octopus, clams, crustaceans and beans.
Every piece of seafood was cooked so perfectly it was served in that most exquisite state of 
rawness and doneness. The flavors and textures felt so sublime in my mouth I swear I felt
tears of happiness forming in the corners of my eyes. 



IMG 9950

 Farm veal liver with baby carrots, onions and spinach in the richest, most decadent veal jus.
The waiter was worried that this tender and meaty dish would be too "strange" for my liking.
Imagine his delight when he saw my empty plate! I mopped up every last drop of jus with bread.



IMG 9946

With the liver, the sommelier suggested I have the Chateau Margilliere Bastide 2010 



IMG 9955

Another overwhelming decision-making moment for me was when the waiter presented this
trolley packed with all sorts of local and regional cheeses



IMG 9956

I picked the strongest and stinkiest ones… reblochon, livarot, camembert, epoisses and roquefort.
Loved the pungent, salty and creamy epoisses the most.



IMG 9967

Local "fraises des bois" or wild strawberries in their natural juice with marcarpone sorbet. 
Ahhh… the play of cold and warm, sweet and tart, robust and creamy…
I was stuffed all the way up to my forehead, but I finished this in no time. Truly heaven in a bowl. 



IMG 9968

Mignardises Alain Ducasse



IMG 9971

Macarons, chocolates and espresso



IMG 9953

My 3-hour Marie Antoinette moment (please excuse the FitFlops under the table)



IMG 9978

Take home hazelnut goodies for my midnight snack :)



Le Louis XV: Hotel de Paris, Place du Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tel: +377 98 06 88 64

Le Louis XV Website

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