Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aux Deux Palmiers Ӫ


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Still full from a big lunch that finished at 3:30pm, I decided to go easy on the tummy for my late dinner. 

Actually, I was thinking to skip dinner as I was quite certain I could survive the night (and probably the next two weeks) without eating a crumb. But on my way back to the hotel I passed by this restaurant and the pans and pans of freshly baked pizzas called out to me. 

The French order AND finish one whole pizza per person. I knew I could do the same, or even better.

I accepted the self-imposed challenge and got myself a table. 


IMG 0056


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And then I chickened out the last minute. Hehe. Sorry, but I didn't want to die of bangungot in a foreign land where I knew no one.

Instead, I ordered something which I believe was lighter.


IMG 0062

A glass of white



IMG 0064

And a pot of mussels in white wine sauce (didn't touch the fries, I swear!)



IMG 0065

Everything was mediocre, from the tiny mussels that seemed to be on diet all their lives,
to the fries (okay, fine, I had 5 cold and tasteless pieces), to the hard and stale bread,
to the hurried, almost nonexistent service. 


Until this day I still think about the freshly baked thin-crust cheese-smothered pizzas and will forever be haunted by the what ifs.



IMG 0073

Thankful for the basket of peaches I got earlier. Attacked it like a maniac back in the hotel room. 


Aux Deux Palmiers: 14 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Nice, France. Tel: +33 (0)493 87 42 50

Aux Deux Palmiers Website

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