Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bo Innovation ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 1631



He calls himself the Demon Chef and had the Chinese words tattooed on his arm.

Of course, he's gotta flaunt it on the wall and make sure everyone who comes to his restaurant don't miss the mural.



IMG 1548

The dining room is simple and modern and has a good view of the open kitchen



IMG 1551

The Demon Chef Alvin Leung has red hair and wears sunglasses at work



IMG 1525

Tonight's menu



IMG 1533

Tonight's bottle



IMG 1535

There is no room for plain and boring dinner rolls at Bo.
Here The Demon takes Hong Kong's popular egg waffle "gai dan zai" street snack and adds bits of
Iberico ham and mustard for that salty-sweet kick then serves it wrapped in some old calendar page.

I know right away this is gonna be a wild, wild dinner.



IMG 1537

green onion, lime ginger snow, parfum du hong kong
So fresh, so plump!



IMG 1539

Ginger snow!!!



IMG 1541

smoked quail egg, crispy taro
Brings the down-to-earth taro puff to an all new chi chi, bling bling level



IMG 1547

morel, vermicelli, gazpacho
The ham is aged for 36 months then cooked in morel stock, wrapped around vermicelli
and topped with a dollop of gazpacho foam



IMG 1554

"mui choy"
Pan seared foie gras paired with… wait for it... preserved mustard green ice cream! Wicked!



IMG 1560

"lo mien", chili, sage, carabinero
I don't know how he does it, but this tastes like the addicting orange goo I love in Shanghai hairy crabs



IMG 1570

pat chun, "lam kok"
Tomato three ways: tomato marshmallow, tomato fritter cooked with "lam kok" or Chinese olive,
and pat chun or Chinese black vinegar-poached cherry tomato which explodes with the sweetest
juice as I pop it in my mouth.



IMG 1572

xiao long bao
All the juices of the soupy dumpling, they injected into this molecular membrane paper to form a
round blob, Ferran Adria style. The red strip on top is the vinegar and ginger dipping sauce.



IMG 1576

A light souffle made with hairy crab. Need I say more?



IMG 1584

pickled ginger
The Demon goes molecular again this time with century egg and pickled ginger jus.
He pours it on dry ice in a martini glass. The effect, PINK BUBBLES!



IMG 1594

hunan ham, dried mandarin peel, chanterelles
This is just alright, probably the most unexciting dish of the night



IMG 1597

noirmoutier potato, "shui gao", seaweed, citrus



IMG 1605

truffled tendon, daikon, spiced consomme
Don't let the clear broth fool you. It's one of the richest soups I've ever had.
Made my lips all yummy and sticky.



IMG 1603

Melt-in-your-mouth is an understatement.
Watch and weep, my friends, watch and weep.



IMG 1613

buttercream, 3 peppers, ying yang
His take on Hong Kong's pineapple bun "polo bao" with 3 cubes of pineapple dusted with pink
peppercorn, star anise, and salt & pepper. In the mug is half milk tea, half coffee, half hot, half cold.



IMG 1620

chinese almonds, orange chocolate
The scent of wood envelopes the sweet treat. Feels like eating chocolate in a Chinese temple.



IMG 1623

Malay cake, my favorite dim sum dessert!



IMG 1626




IMG 1628

Macaron and chocolatessssssss



IMG 1630

Old school Hong Kong candies



The food is too fun we didn't wanna leave without trying these 2 items not included in the Chef's Table Menu.


IMG 1610

blue cheese, coconut



IMG 1608

crumbs, jelly, custard
(All proceeds donated to AIDS Concern)
Can't say much about the taste, but the presentation… SHAMELESS!  And I LOVE IT!



Bo Innovation: Shop 13, 2nd Floor, J Residence, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2850 8371

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