Friday, July 1, 2011

Crowne Plaza Hotel and Breakfast at Seven Corners ♥ ♥


crowne plaza galleria


To everyone’s horror, Achi Donna is planning to stay overnight at the hotel with her groom the night before their wedding day.

Errr… I think she’s forgotten that this is not allowed, because, well, aside from coming from a very superstitious family, we are also very conservative ladies. Ha!!! Angel


So I volunteer to stay the night with her.


crowne plaza galleriaOur suite


crowne plaza galleriaOur bed


Our welcome fruit platter


crowne plaza galleriaOur bathroom


Our toilet


We have a very healthy and delicious dinner at Xin Tian Di, the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, then we go back to the room so she can try on her wedding gown about 2-3 times, practice walking down the aisle (or the length of the bathroom to the living room in our suite), and the dance number she is going to surprise her guests with at the dinner reception.

Then shortly after midnight, she diligently applies La Mer to face and retires to bed for some beauty rest.

I, on the other hand, diligently stuff my face with a few more yema towers before going to sleep.


seven corners buffetThe next morning, we wake up to breakfast at Seven Corners


                                       Breads                                                                              Cereals


seven corners buffetseven corners buffet
                                 Hot dishes                                                                     More hot dishes


                             Omelet station                                                      Fresh fruit juices (for a fee)


“Fried eggs and ham lang kakainin ko,” announces Achi Donna.

“Okay. Ako I’m starving! Kakainin ko lahat!” I reply.


And true to my word, I eat everything.


My Filipino breakfast plate. I love daing and sinangag!


My bad carbs breakfast plate: waffles, French toasts, whipped cream, sliced almonds, blueberry jam and too much maple syrup


My healthy breakfast plate: bircher museli, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, canned peaches


My breakfast dessert: taho


“Leche, nakakainggit ka naman! Kakain na nga din ako,” surrenders Achi Donna. “Anyway, maluwag pa naman gown ko.”


The bride-to-be, on the morning of her wedding day


And then she walks up a flight of non-moving escalator to get rid of the guilt


Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila: Ortigas Avenue corner Asian Development Bank Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel: +632-633-7222

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