Friday, July 1, 2011

Varekai by Cirque du Soleil


My birthday came early this year. Birthday cake

I don’t like getting older. Annoyed

But I love birthday presents! Gift with a bow


varekai grand champiteauThe Grand Chapiteau at Quirino Grand Stand, Rizal Park


varekai grand champiteauMy e-ticket. Thank you, Jerms! Smile


varekai grand champiteauVarekai’s sponsors, BDO, Manila Hotel, and Sun Life Financial


I notice that people love having their pictures taken with this poster


So I fall in line and have mine taken, too. I want to do the exact same pose,
but too many people are watching and waiting so I get a bit shy


269533_10150221259442293_718632292_7381305_979501_nJerms, Nikko, Felisse, Frances, Florence, Me


varekai tapis rougeVIP ticket holders get to hang out in the Tapis Rouge.
Do not let the yellows and blues fool you. It is a sexy, sexy place inside.


varekai tapis rougeAs I enter the lounge I suddenly want to let my hair lose, put on my sexiest, sultriest smile and… pole dance. Seriously. Thank God there is not a pole in sight!!!


There are baked goodies by The Manila Hotel


I see my favorite Mango Coconut Sago! Drools…


Free-flowing wine, fruit juice and iced tea


varekai tapis rougeYou are not allowed to take photos during the show, so this is the closest you’ll ever get.
Thank you, Ricky, for letting us in! Smile


Now, the show.

As I’ve said, cameras are not allowed so you just have to use your imagination. And imagine a lot of vibrant colors, a lot of swinging, flying, jumping around, naked men, beautiful costumes, awkward, spine-tingling poses. And on your part there will be a lot of laughter, awe, applauding, and a few hair-raising, heart-stopping moments.

Many times during the show, I wish I were part of the Varekai cast. I also want to be thrown up high into the air, fly from down there to up there, jump from up there to down there.

I know I can do it.

I am a sucker for heights. I crave the adrenaline rush.








Now the only problem is balancing myself on that hula hoop.

AND getting into that tight-fitting suit.


varekai manilaVarekai is Cirque du Soleil’s first run in Manila. The show will run until July 17 only.
Don’t miss it!


Get your tickets now at:

The Manila Hotel lobby, call +632-527-0011

Or online at or

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