Sunday, July 3, 2011

C2 Classic Cuisine ♥


My good AND pregnant friend Marie is visiting from Shanghai and is craving Filipino food. How can you say no to a very good friend who is carrying another little friend inside of her? And it’s not just any other ordinary little friend. It’s a mestizo little friend!

Congratulations, Javi and Marie!

Good job, Javi!

Can’t wait to meet you, little one!

There’s not a lot of Filipino food choices in Rockwell, my favorite is Via Mare for their pancit luglog, dinuguan, and bibingka with salted duck egg. But tonight I feel like going someplace new, plus I really want to try that legendary Bibingka Soufflé, so off to C2 we go.


Crispy Tawilis – deep fried is always good


Bulanglang – the vegetable soup tastes burnt, the galunggong tastes like… galunggong


Sisig Express – just okay


Inasal Rice – I know we should have ordered plain or garlic rice to go with our dishes,
but the menu says this is a bestseller and I am a sucker for bestsellers. I wonder why the menu claims this, because honestly I think it tastes like rice tossed in soy sauce.


Buko Pandan Shake – now this is really sweet, milky, coconuty good!
I try hard not to finish the whole glass in one go.


So we end up being too full for the bibingka soufflé. Javi, if you were with us we could have floored it and more. Next year, please be present on your birthday dinner treat! Smile with tongue out

Muchas gracias, Javier!!! Feliz cumpleaños!!! Birthday cake


Me, Wendy and soon-to-be mom Marie


C2 Classic Cuisine: Level R2, Archaeology Section, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-897-3911

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