Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ching Guang Market 晴光市場 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I know Taipei has many, many, many, many markets, but the one just a block away from where I used to live, that one is my favorite.

Ching Guang Market 晴光市場 is the reason I survived my first few years in Taipei when I still didn’t know my way around the kitchen.

It is also the culprit behind my then 180-pound obese body. EGADS, JIN!!! Did you really just announce that to the WWW???


This was my eating pattern during my balyena years.

It is still the eating pattern I follow on my recent Taipei trips.

Well, what can I say. I am still a balyena.


IMG_9592Breakfast is Spring Onion Pulled Pancake, Frances’s obsession


IMG_9593Pan fried on both sides until nicely browned then scrunched up to make it all fluffy


IMG_2208We like it with egg and lots of basil


IMG_2679Lunch starts with Yilan Spring Onion Cake


spring onion cakeCrisp and pillowy and quite tasty


IMG_2689We follow it up with dumplings and noodles from this food cart that has been in business since Chinese year 55, which is equivalent to 1966.


IMG_2701Don’t you think those on the right are suspicious-looking things?


IMG_0148Sesame Noodles


IMG_0149Sesame Noodles, mixed




IMG_9587Our meat course is no other than Auntie Babie’s favorite, Ah Wan’s Goose Meat.
That’s Auntie Babie and the now gazillionaire owner.


IMG_0156Ah Wan’s Goose – so rich in flavor there’s no need for sauce


IMG_2729We eat it with ginger and fresh basil


IMG_0160Our rice course is this Roast Pork & Roast Duck Lunchbox, a complete meal in itself


IMG_0161Me and Frances and our good morning faces


IMG_2386For sweets after lunch, I love Ding Xiang’s Dou Hua (Taho)


IMG_2383Choose your poison


IMG_0061The bean curd is eggy, smooth and silky. I like it with peanuts and shelled green beans.
Thank you, Ninang Ann Marie!


IMG_9579And my favorite all-day snack is steamed Taiwanese peanuts


peanutsThey’re huge and soft and oh so tasty


peanutsSee what I mean? Each nut is perfect in every single way.


IMG_9585And what most people dread, but is very close to my heart… and mouth… Stinky Tofu!
That’s Auntie Babie caught sneak-eating right before dinner.


stinky tofuFried stinky tofu. Smells like heaven!


Dinner is at Huang Ji Lu Rou Fan.

Then we grab some dessert on the way home.


IMG_0034My favorite sweet soup stall


IMG_0035You can mix and match up to four ingredients


IMG_0037My fantastic four: red bean, lotus seed, barley and grass jelly soup


IMG_2328I think I seriously want another bowl


IMG_0146And probably my most favorite of all stalls is Lu Wei Hsiang
(Yoohoo, Ritchie! This is for you!)


IMG_0148 (2)I pick golden mushrooms, bean curd skin, meatballs and fish dumplings, and the lady boils them for me in this rich and heavy stock


IMG_0153 (2)YUMMEEEHHH!!!!!! Thank you for still being open at 1:30am.
You are the perfect midnight snack.


Ching Guang Market 晴光市場: Intersection of Nong An and Shuang Cheng Streets, Chung Shan District, Taipei, Taiwan. 臺北市中山區農安街2巷及雙城街12巷

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