Sunday, March 20, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, February 28-March 13, 2011


I know I’ve been delinquent with my jin loves to eat at home series.

But if you see the size of the backlog I’m dealing with right now, I promise, you’ll be a lot more understanding.

Been having a lot of guavas and avocados lately.

As for the dragon fruit, you know it’s always gonna be there.


Just wondering, do you guys eat like this at home, too?


February 28, 2:33pm

IMG_9463Ground pork with potatoes and carrots, boiled spinach and upo slices

IMG_9483Manila Hotel’s Ube Ensaymada


February 28, 9:40pm

IMG_9494Green tea almond donut from Singapore. Thank you, Jr & Kim!

IMG_9496Dragon fruit, guava, apple, pomelo, pear, banana


March 1, 12:39pm

IMG_94997-up shrimps, braised fish fillet, boiled spinach, mustard greens, rice

IMG_9501Banana, pomelo, apple, melon, guava, dragon fruit

IMG_9502Fresh OJ


March 2, 12:27pm

IMG_9547Chicken, pork and beans, boiled tong ho vegetables, winter melon, rice

IMG_9548Fresh apple-pear juice


March 2, 6:02pm

IMG_9550Almond and chocolate green tea donuts from Singapore. Thank you again, JR & Kim!

IMG_9549Orange, pomelo, chico, banana, dragon fruit


March 3, 8:54am

IMG_9555Tuna salad patty on walnut wheat bun




March 8, 6:07pm

IMG_0257Avocado, cantaloupe, guava, papaya, persimmon, pear, dragon fruit


March 9, 12:12pm

IMG_0259Sweet and sour fish fillet, bokchoy, red and green peppers, mustard greens, mahu, red rice

IMG_0260Persimmon, pear, guava, dragon fruit


March 10, 12:08pm

IMG_0264Braised beef ribs, steamed fish fillet, tofu, boiled tong ho vegetables, pork floss on red rice

IMG_0265Banana, mango, avocado, guava, persimmon, dragon fruit


March 11, 12:47pm

IMG_0299Korean beef stew, garlic pork adobo, pork menudo, French beans and black mushrooms

IMG_0301Dragon fruit, persimmon, guava, avocado, melon


March 12, 10:08am

IMG_0509Native chicken with ugat soup. Insanely delicious!

IMG_0508Dragon fruit, pear, guava


March 12, 6:30pm

IMG_0567Mila’s tuna, chicken, and pork empanaditas. Thank you, Auntie Babyruth!

IMG_0576Fresh watermelon juice


March 13, 12:14pm

IMG_0645Lumpiang hubad, Chinese chicken adobo

IMG_0647Guava, pear, avocado, dragon fruit

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