Friday, March 18, 2011

Huang Ji Lu Rou Fan 黃記魯肉飯 ♥ ♥ ♥




The best places to eat in Taipei are these kinds of places.


IMG_0006Little eateries in little alleys inside little markets


IMG_2300All the specialties are in these heavy duty stainless steel bowls


IMG_0012Ordering is simple. Just tick everything you like.


IMG_0010The little dining area with little tables and little stools


Despite the humble setting, a lot of people come to eat.






Me and France (France and me? Me and France? Argh… SO CONFUSING!!!) Smile with tongue out


IMG_0014魯肉飯 Lu Rou Fan – Huang Ji’s specialty and my favorite of all


IMG_0016An upshot. Bits of lean meat, bits of fat. Drools…


IMG_0025控肉 Pork Belly – we ask for the leaner part. I don’t know why.


IMG_0020蹄膀肉 Pork Knuckle – YES!!! Now I see more of that delicious glistening part!


IMG_2375And that’s me, caught in the act


IMG_2378Oh, fat, glorious fat, I love you!


IMG_0021香菇赤肉羹湯 Mushroom and Meat Maki Soup


IMG_0022花枝羹 Squid Maki Soup


IMG_0026油豆腐 Braised Oil Tofu


IMG_0018丸湯 Fish Ball Soup


IMG_0032貢丸湯 Meatball Soup


IMG_0052魯白菜 Braised Pechay – A MUST!


IMG_0053魯筍絲 Braised Bamboo


IMG_0028A菜 A Vegetable


IMG_0056大陸妹 China Girl (seriously, that’s what they call this veggie)


IMG_0055Auntie Babie, Ninang Ann Marie, Dad, Uncle Frank, Frances and Me


Huang Ji Lu Rou Fan 黃記魯肉飯: No. 28, Lane 183, Section 2, Chung Shan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan. 台北市中山北路二段183巷28號 (晴光公園旁的小巷裡). Tel: +886-2-29598396

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