Wednesday, March 2, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, February 21-27, 2011


If I can put on 5 lbs. on a 4-day hiking trip in the mountains, how much more weight will I gain on my 6-day Taiwan eating galore trip?

Yes, I am flying out again.

And I am extremely terrified.


February 21, 12:36pm

IMG_8649Pork tocino, minced braised fish, assorted mushrooms, camote leaves

IMG_8650Orange, pomelo, guava, pear, melon, dragon fruit, persimmon


February 22, 12:04pm

IMG_8651Chicken curry, mixed mushrooms, upo, spinach

IMG_8653Orange, pomelo, avocado, longan, melon, dragon fruit, guava


February 23, 12:32pm

IMG_8654Grilled tuna steak, bangus belly with XO sauce, shrimp omelette, Chinese pechay

IMG_8659Dragon fruit, guava, melon, star apple, pomelo

IMG_8658Fresh OJ


February 24, 12:49pm

IMG_8661Auntie Baby’s bangus, broccoli, French beans, Chinese yam and mushroom

IMG_8662Banana, guava, pomelo, pear, dragon fruit


February 24, 7:35am

IMG_8663Sausage and egg pandesal

IMG_8665Boiled spinach


February 25-27: Eating away in Banaue and Sagada

See you next week! Smile

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