Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gwakong’s Vegetarian Birthday Lunch


If my Gwakong were still alive, he’d be 96 years old today. And we’d be having an all-out vegetable-galore celebration at The Original Savory Escolta, with everything (and everyone) red and festive, very similar to this.

Nowadays we celebrate his birthdays at home with simple but delicious vegetarian lunches prepared by my Auntie Lily.


IMG_7497Gwakong’s feast


IMG_7494A cabinet full of trinkets, and boxes and boxes of offerings


vegetarian kiampengVegetarian Kiampeng


vegetarian hamVegetarian Ham


IMG_7517Beancurd Strips with Tomatoes


vegetarian kidneyVegetarian Kidney


vegetarian chicken nuggetsVegetarian Chicken Nuggets


vegetarian spaghettiVegetarian Spaghetti


vegetarian spamVegetarian Spam


IMG_7524Vegetarian Ground Pork with Taosi


IMG_7528Vegetarian Braised Beef with Radish


IMG_7533Vegetarian Chicken Curry


IMG_7521Vegetarian Tofu (wait, tofu IS a vegetable!)


IMG_7530Upo with Mushrooms and Ham


IMG_7541Vegetarian Ma-Ki


IMG_7500Birthday Favors


IMG_7536Vegetarians for the day

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