Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kalae Restaurant ♥ ♥ ♥


kalae restaurant chiang mai


“OMG! Are we going to some garden AGAIN??? But I am really NOT a flower person!”

Of course, no voice escapes my throat.

I dare say this only to myself.


kalae restaurant chiang maiBut, oh wow! Do I see tables and chairs? And most importantly, are those FOOD on the table? The mood has now turned into absolute excitement. Thank you, Jesus, from the bottom of my heart.


kalae restaurant chiang maiSuddenly, colors are sharper and scents are sweeter. Suddenly I find myself liking flowers a little bit more.


IMG_6598As long as there’s food, any place is heaven


IMG_6619Kalae Restaurant is located within the compound of the Northern Region Agricultural and Cooperative Office in Chiang Mai, known locally as “The Reservoir”


IMG_6599This is the view when I look to my side


IMG_6600This is the view when I look to my front


Immaculate, eh?


Now, the food.


tom yum goongTom Yum Goong – has fresh coconut meat in it!


IMG_6612Gai Yaang – marinated barbecued chicken is just okay


IMG_6613Kor Moo Yang – marinated barbecued pork neck is sweetish and delicious, perfect with the amazing dipping sauce


IMG_6606Goong Choop Paeng Tord – in short, Shrimp Tempura 
Aside from a couple pieces of shrimp, everything else is vegetable. So fried but so healthy (?)


IMG_6610Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables – I suppose this is much healthier


The food in Kalae is actually simple fare, but once you step into this paradise, suddenly everything tastes like chocolates.

Must be the flowers.


IMG_6608Ahhh… we love this place.


Kalae Restaurant: Su Thep, A. Mueang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tel: 053-278655

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