Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year’s Eve Feast


special tikoyWhen there’s a mountain of tikoy


lechonAnd a whole roasted pig


There will always, always be me.


lechonBen’s Authentic Cebu Lechon from Quiapo (ehh???)


IMG_7551Fried Bean Curd with Mushroom Sauce


IMG_7559Native Chicken Soup with Ugat


IMG_7553Big Intestines


IMG_7555Small Intestines


IMG_7566Fried Noodles


savory fried chickenAnd of course, Savory Fried Chicken. It’s the best!


shang palace tikoyShang Palace Tikoy, so we all stay sweet and sticky this Year of the Rabbit


IMG_7585Big & Chunky Tikoy. Because thin slices are only for sissies.


IMG_7591Patisserie Caroline Carrot Walnut Loaf


IMG_7571Big Scoop Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


balutBalut. Yes, it is dessert.


IMG_7593Gong Hei Fat Choy, Everyone!!!


     IMG_7599   IMG_7601     
KABOOM!!! Fireworks greet us when we arrive home.


Some “lucky” things we have in the house:

chinese new year lucky radishRadish = Great beginnings


chinese new year lucky fruitsPineapple = Wealth. Orange & tangerine = Wealth & Luck


chinese new year lucky fruits pineappleBunch of mini pineapples = Lot and lots of wealth!


chinese new year lucky taroBunch of baby taro = Prosperity


Happy Year of the Rabbit!!!

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