Monday, January 17, 2011

Shaw’s Crab House ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



“You have to walk 2 blocks north to get to the bridge, then another 2 blocks after the bridge, and you’ll see the crab house on your right,” the hotel doorman explains to us.

Whhhhaaaaddddd??? Are you kidding meeee?! In this BRRRRRfreeeeezzzziiieeeeeng Siberian weather???

But Shaw’s Crab House is on top of every Chicago eating list and I figure if we don’t do it now, then I will live in regret and sorrow for the rest of my life.

So I put on 2 layers of thermal, my wool top, leather jacket, gloves and I slip into my ever dependable Uggs and brave the Windy City in this uber chilly night.


IMG_0738Couldn’t resist a photo op halfway to the crab shack. Chicago is so romantic. I am so in love.


IMG_0746Look at all these crab-loving peoples


IMG_0756And look at me, the CARB-loving people. The soft dinner roll is da bomb!


IMG_0759Oysters on Half Shell – fresh, salty and briny with clean finish. Exquisiteness.


IMG_0766Sautéed Nantucket Cape Scallops with Shaw’s Seafood Rice, Sautéed Spinach and Garlic Butter – We ask our server which among all the dishes is her favorite, and she says this, so ding! there goes the green light. It really isn’t a surprise why she loves the scallops.
Delicate and tender, juicy and very sweet, we finish these little gems in no time.


IMG_0769South African Rock Lobster Tail – rich, full-flavored and perfectly cooked.
Served simply with drawn butter to let the lobster’s beautiful flavors take center stage.


IMG_0773Steamed Alaskan Red King Crab Legs – I use my bare hand to grab the biggest piece from the plate and use my fingers to pry its meat from the shell. And then suddenly all words abandon me. I am speechless at first bite. It doesn’t matter that it’s because my mouth is busy chewing all the crabmeat it can chew, but if I have to pause and say anything to you,
it’d be only five words. THIS. IS. TO. DIE. FOR.


The biggest pieces are all MINE!!!


IMG_0777Key Lime Pie – no other way to end the most delicious seafood meal of my trip




Shaw’s Crab House: 21 East Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL, USA. Tel: 312.527.2722

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