Friday, January 21, 2011

State and Lake ♥

We only have less than an hour before we leave for O’Hare.

I really want to go back to Girl and the Goat and order every single item I wasn’t able to try last night.

BUT I also want to catch my flight to Miami and soak up the sunshines and swim topless at the beach. (Got your attention there, didn’t I?)

So no choice but to grab a quick lunch at theHotel.

I wanted to have pasta at cibo matto but the hotel’s Italian chefs are asleep during the day. No choice (again!) but to go State and Lake.


IMG_1154The warm and masculine interiors give me high hopes about the food


But turns out, State and Lake is just warm and masculine interiors.


IMG_1160Truffled Mac and Cheese – I think they forgot to truffle the mac and cheese


IMG_1165House Salad with BBQ Shrimp – the shrimps are succulent but the salad veggies are wet and wrinkly and starting to wilt. Not funny at all.


IMG_1167Steak Frites – tender where there is no ligament, which unfortunately, is present in every piece. The fries, in fairness, are crisp and addictive.


IMG_1175Basil Smoked Burger – I didn’t know basil pesto covered in melted Monterey Jack can go very well with hamburger. Now if only the patty wasn’t so dry and overcooked. 
No luck with the fries either, they’re cold and stale.


State and Lake: theWit Hotel, 201 N. State Street, Chicago, USA. Tel: 312.239.9400

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