Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Original Pancake House ♥ ♥ ♥

And Leslie isn’t exaggerating. The lines at The Original Pancake House can be looooooooong.


IMG_1024Hi Tom Cruise, I’m Jin Lovestoeat


I ask Tom to hold my spot while I walk around and explore the neighborhood. Tom says yes.

Tom is nice!


IMG_1027I know for a fact that this is an everyday sight in Chicago (because people are giving me weird looks for taking photos) But hello, Americans, we don’t have this kind of beauty in Hong Kong and Manila.


Tom signals to me that we’re ready to go, and when we walk in the door…

(Tom doesn’t mind, he’s busy catching up on showbiz chismiz)


IMG_1033I do the puppy eye thing to the guy in red but he doesn’t give me the time of day


Thirty minutes later, we are seated face to face. And as per Leslie’s suggestion, I order the house specialty, the Apple Pancake.


IMG_1052Apple Pancake – oven baked with fresh granny smith apples and pure cinnamon sugar glaze. It is every bit as sinful as Leslie describes.


I wanted Tom to order the Dutch Baby and Corned Beef Hash, but he says Kate put him in this strict whachamacallit no-carb diet. Hollywood stars. Pffft!


IMG_1043Ham and Cheese Omelette – fluffy and light (and HUGE! Made with 4 extra large eggs if you wish to know) omelette filled with diced sugar cured hickory smoked ham and aged cheddar cheese. A little boring for me.


IMG_1049Tom’s omelette comes with three fluffy buttermilk pancakes which I happily devour


IMG_1045And I order this extra side of Southern Style Hash Browned Potatoes. Nothing special but it’s starch. And I love starch. Watch and weep, Tom. Watch and weep.


IMG_1056Leslie isn’t exaggerating when she says portions are huge. But I finish more than half of my apple pancake, and two of Tom’s buttermilk pancakes.


IMG_1065And still eyeing lustily thy neighbor’s Dutch Baby…


Thank you, Leslie, for the brilliant recommendation! Smile


The Original Pancake House: 22 East Bellevue, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Tel: 312-642-7917

Locate other branches here.

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