Thursday, January 20, 2011

theWit Hotel, Chicago ♥ ♥ ♥

It is so marvelous that out of all Chicago hotels, I decided to stay at theWit.


IMG_1182Double height lobby with floor-to-ceiling glass.
Angel Wing chandeliers by Cheryl Rowley. Oooh.


IMG_1183I superlove this uber genius number made with reusable plastic bottles


IMG_1007Hallway to my room


IMG_0708theClassic Room


IMG_0710theBed and thePillow that bids me “Sweet Dreams”


IMG_0712theCabinet, theLCD TV and theDesk




IMG_0713theToilet and theShower


IMG_0729theToiletries by Gilchrist & Soames


IMG_0719Love theShoeBag and theLaundryBag (I took them home)


IMG_1004And on the 27th floor of theWit is a lounge called theROOF (actually, it’s just “ROOF” hehe)


IMG_1014Because I am a hotel guest, I get this VIP bracelet which effectively signals to theStaff,
“Let this lady in. NOW.” (Check out theDryChicagoSkin)


IMG_0987It is “One of the world’s best rooftop bars” – ABC News
Stevie Wonder, is that you???


IMG_1001   IMG_1002
How can it not be? Just check out theView!


IMG_0993Jam-packed on a Saturday night… or really early Sunday morn


IMG_0996No drinks for me. Just checking out thePlace.
(Sorry, I’m a grandma like that)


IMG_0727At the ripe age of 31, I still prefer cookies and milk.


And theWit’s Chocolate Chip Cookie is the best part of my stay. Be extra kind to the hotel reception staff, because somewhere under their desk is this hot oven-vault filled with the extremely delicious cookies (you get them all warm and chewy, too).

I have 3-4 cookies each night.


theWit Hotel: 201 N. State Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Tel: 312.467.0200

You can order the delicious Doubletree cookies here.

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