Friday, January 21, 2011

Girl and the Goat ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



It is you, Stephanie Izard, you wild, daring, sexy thang, because of you I now question my girly-girl sexuality.

What you do to me with your food… mmmhhh….. oooohhh..… aaaahhh….. rarrrrrr… OOOHH….. AAAHHH..… WHOOOAAA….. OHMY….. OHMYGOD….. OHMYGAWWWWDDD….. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Steph Izzard.





IMG_1094Sunday, 10:45pm. The place is a-rockin’.


IMG_1105We get the counter seats, the most coveted of all. Such a treat watching and chatting with the kitchen staff. They are a bunch of happy peoples having a delicious fun time.


IMG_1103wheat . hunk-a burnin’ love butter . honeycomb
Hunk-a burnin’ love butter is… wait for it… bacon-banana-peanut-butter! I spread a good amount (one that will make my mama faint) on the hot crusty bread, and top it with sweet, fresh honeycomb. Captures my heart at first bite. A home run right away.


IMG_1108hiramasa crudo . crisp pork belly . aji aioli . caperberries
The freshest fish, and ooohhh… is that really just pork belly? I could have eaten 3 plates of this. The best I’ve had in my life.


IMG_1116fried pemaquids . egg salad . capers
These crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-and-jiggly-on-the-inside fried oysters are
little bites of heaven.


IMG_1119seared scallops . pumpkin brandade . pecans . fried brussel sprouts . tarragon . pomegranate
Four words: Out. Of. This. World! The scallops are sweet and silky, but man, it’s the brussel sprouts, they are no ordinary brussel sprouts. I am practically licking the plate by the time we finish. So good I say a quick prayer of thanks to Jesus and then I cry a little.


IMG_1126lamb sausage stuffed calamari . sweet garlic . sweetbread crisp . currant saor
Extreme tastiness and gaminess inside that thin and soft squideliciousness.


IMG_1130goat, pork and veal sugo . pappardelle . rosemary . cape goose berries 
Each strand of the slow-cooked shredded meats is packed with flavor. Somewhere between my second and third forkful, I know I died and went to heaven. These flavors are meant to be together, and the sweet berries seal the deal.


IMG_1136grilled goat t-bones . romanesco . turnips . figs . scallion vin
Eat this with your hands and stay away from me or I may just grab your fingers and suck on them brutally.


IMG_1149bittersweet chocolate . shiitake gelato . toffee creme fraiche
I wish this was sweeter, but I think Steph is only after my good. Who knew mushrooms and chocolates go so well together? So very full but I carry my stomach and do my happy dance.


IMG_1146Wish I packed more stomach space…


I tell you, Girl and the Goat isn’t a recommendation. Girl and the Goat is an absolute must.

And Stephanie Izard, I am absofreakinlutely in love/lust with you!


Girl and the Goat: 809 W Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Tel: 312.492.6262

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