Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dragon Gate Seafood Restaurant ♥ ♥ ♥

Life is good when you’re friends with Jaine, the owner-chef of Dragon Gate.

Special dishes that are not in the regular menu, well, they are in OUR table’s menu.

And these special dishes are not just prepared by the restaurant’s well-trained kitchen staff, but by none other than the Master himself.

I have major trust issues when it comes to food, but tonight we give Jaine the absolute power to decide what he wants to feed us. Our host Donna’s only requests: hot & sour soup, steamed suahe, and any fish dish.

The Master goes back to the kitchen and whips up our surprise.


IMG_5559Hot and Sour Soup – so many things inside it’s practically a meal in itself. Yum.


IMG_5530Steamed Suahe – I love sucking these babies’ heads dry. Fresh and sweet. Simply erotic.


IMG_5550Braised Lapu-Lapu with Garlic Leeks – beautiful presentation with confident flavors although I find the fish just a tad overcooked. I guess I still prefer my fish steamed the traditional way. Sorry, folks, I’m boring like that.


IMG_5548Stewed Bamboo Shell in Ginger Wine – and this is so good it brings tears to my eyes.
Such simplicity, such freshness, such honest flavors, the true essence of beautiful
Chinese cooking. A winner, hands down.


IMG_5535Pea Sprouts with Hong Kong Dried Sausage – my all-time favorite vegetable prepared ever so simply to let the true flavors shine. Tastes beautiful with the Chinese sausage.


IMG_5542Lotus Rice – I think what Donna means when she announces that this tastes like Hainanese chicken rice (excuse my cousin, she’s had a few to drink) is that this fried rice is so tasty you can eat it by itself. And Donna is right, tasty it is.


So please, people, don’t be shy. Ask for Jaine (Hai-nee) and be in for a treat. The guy is friendly and very accommodating. And girls, if interested, he’s single, too! Winking smile


Ton, Donna, Me and Boss Jaine


Dragon Gate Seafood Restaurant: 1600 Roxas Boulevard corner Layug Street, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-536-0401

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