Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mom’s 60th at Bistro Marinero ♥ ♥ ♥


That is the theme I want for Mom’s 6oth birthday party.

Weeks before the date, I looked around the historic walled city of Intramuros for the perfect venue. I need it to fit around 40 people comfortably, and I want the whole place to ourselves.


IMG_1898And at the corner of General Luna and Sta. Potenciana streets, I found it.


IMG_1750I found the perfect venue in Bistro Marinero


IMG_1784To go with our Nostalgic theme, we present a photo slideshow of my mom in her younger years and have “Young Aggie” standees made


And we also have these customized bag tags which also double as place cards for our guests


IMG_5847Even the cakes spell N-O-S-T-A-L-G-I-A. Clockwise from top: Estrel’s Caramel Cake (Thank you, Uncle Simeon & Auntie Tess!), Diamond Hotel Supermoist Chocolate Cake (Thank you, Uncle Frank!), Pacita’s Mocha Cake (Thank you, Auntie Pacita!), Prune Cake (Thank you, Steve & Prin!), and Diamond Hotel Baked Cheesecake (Thank you, Auntie Babie!)


IMG_5821I (and my mom) love calla lilies and the color violet. Therefore, The Centerpiece.

If you notice, in the glass cabinets are life vests, helms, compasses and other marine-related paraphernalia. This is because Bistro MARINERO, whose tag line reads “A Seafarer’s Voyage of Cuisine” aims to give diners a cruise ship experience.


IMG_1905That is Uncle Dennis wanting to be a helmsman




IMG_1764All my hopes for a sepia-colored affair crumble as people in red start to fill up the room.
I guess there is never gonna be a proper themed party with Chinese families.


IMG_1796Thank you, Uncle Simeon, Auntie Tess, Auntie Beth and Uncle Johnson (not in photo)


IMG_1801謝謝, Auntie Guada and Auntie Clarita!


IMG_1810The Kiddos (okay, they’re teens but they will always be kiddos to me)


IMG_1821I guess they approve of the souvenir bag tags Smile




IMG_5825Cream of Three Mushroom Soup – even this one tastes nostalgic, like how I enjoy my soup when I was still in grade school, before the discovery of wild mushrooms, portabellas,
cepe cappuccino, truffle foam and the likes


IMG_5828Pomelo Shrimp Salad – probably the only dish the guests didn’t enjoy


IMG_1825Everyone stands up and attacks the buffet


IMG_1875Then everyone sits down and eat like there’s no tomorrow


IMG_5813Asado Roll (notice the food labels have that nostalgic feel, too!)


IMG_5830Fresh Lumpiang Ubod


IMG_5810Honey-Glazed Roast Pork – really good (which is actually equivalent to excellent when coming from a person who dislikes pork)


IMG_5814Lemon Baked Fish


IMG_5812Chicken Cordon Bleu


IMG_5809Spaghetti Pesto


IMG_5817Donna’s Homemade Mushroom Potato Gratin. Thank you, Donna!


IMG_5831Paella Mixta by Peewee Morato


IMG_5819Paella Negra by Peewee Morato


IMG_5839Mango Float – the brutal assault before I have the chance to take a decent photo is a testimony of how good this mango-cream-graham dessert is


IMG_1907After dinner, we play the surprise video greetings we compiled for Mom.


Just the cute, witty and touching parts

Thank you for the wonderful edit, Tiffany Tuazon!


IMG_1912Singing, wishing and blowing of candlesssssssss


IMG_1968The Sisters


IMG_2000Our family (missing Ryan, Meme, Mei, Shoti & Riyanne) + Kim and Benjie.
We couldn’t have done it without both your help. Muchas Gracias!




IMG_5921Doggie bags for guests: Aggie’s Favorite Ube Ensaymada from Diamond Hotel


A big part of the night’s success I owe to the staff of Bistro Marinero. With their warm and professional service, everything is a breeze.


IMG_5922And this is the very kind and accommodating manager, Miguel Castro.
Thank you, Miguel, for all the help! (And look how thoughtful, he dresses in red!) 


IMG_5923These calla lilies are so beautiful I had to take them home Smile


It is a very simple celebration with very simple food, but spending it with loved ones and seeing our Mom happy make us the happiest of all.


I love you so much, Mommy!


Bistro Marinero: Casa Marinero, General Luna corner Sta. Potenciana Street, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-527-2261, +632-908-4972 to 73


iPrints: Email Pin at or call 09228616615

Kohikan at Diamond Hotel: Roxas Boulevard cor. Dr. J. Quintos Street. Tel: +632-5283000

Park Ads: 11 San Jose St. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Tel: +632-634-3078

Peewee Morato: Text Peewee at +639178478706 or email
Paella pick up at 99 Scout Gandia Street, Quezon City 

Tiffany Tuazon Designs: Email Tiffany at

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