Sunday, April 25, 2010

BLT Steak ♥ ♥

Sunday brunches are my thing. No need to wake up too early, you eat two meals in one go (or three if you have XXXL stomach storage like I do), you relax and take things slow, enjoy the view, the company, the conversation...

This bright and sunny Sunday noon, Shirley and I go to Bistro Laurent Tourondel (not Bacon Lettuce Tomato) Steak to fill up our oversized tummies.


First, we warm up our still half-asleep digestive systems with some munchies from the buffet table…

IMG_1305 Plate # 1


IMG_1308   Plate # 2


Still not satisfied, we order an additional appetizer from the ala carte menu.

IMG_1319Spicy Rock Prawns, Blue Cheese Dip

This turns out to be a total disaster. The batter is too thick, the blue cheese too little, and the prawns are not even a bit spicy. And they charge $138 for that few pieces. Major. Rip. Off.


IMG_1325Australian Ribeye 12 oz

Boring, tough, and tasteless. I love the wooden popsicle stick, but the steak is actually more m-well than m-rare.


IMG_1336Wagyu Flat Iron 10 oz

Now this is more like it. The wagyu is tasty, tender and juicy. It is far from being the best, but it does not disappoint either.


IMG_1350 Crêpé Soufflé, Passion Fruit Sauce 

I take a mouthful and I immediately understand why this is BLT’s bestselling dessert. The crepe soufflé is warm, moist and spongy. I let the bottom soak up as much passion fruit juice as it can absorb, and as if that is not enough, I drizzle some more on top. Each spoonful makes my mouth water and leaves me wanting more. Help! 


IMG_1342Cassis Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Sorbet 

I love how this baby is so photogenic and all, but after the soufflé, I’ve already exceeded my sourness quota for the day. I say chocolate people better stick to chocolates.


IMG_1353You hear that, Shirley? We’re sticking to chocolates starting today!


BLT Steak: Shop G62, Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2730-3508

Robuchon a Galera ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We are on holiday and our clock reads 12:30pm. Nothing, I say NOTHING can drag our big and lazy asses off this super heavenly Four Seasons Hotel bed at this ungodly hour. 


Nothing, except the promise of an exceptional meal.

IMG_5345Robuchon a Galera is that promise.

IMG_5290Beautiful tasting breads

IMG_5284Amuse bouche - Apple-something mousse. Sorry, but my memory doesn’t function until after appetizer.

IMG_5294Le foie gras – Lightly smoked foie gras shaving on a Carpaccio of smoked figs with spices. Pure genius, that’s what this dish is.

IMG_5296La mozzarella – Crispy mozzarella with pressed fresh tomatoes in Mediterranean style. The funky looking balls taste just okay.

IMG_5300L’oseille - Sorrel bouillon with smoked salmon royal and touch of dill. Excellent!

IMG_5302L’haricot de Paimpol – White beans velouté with smoked duck breast and chorizo on top of a delicate parsley foam. The marriage of creamy and salty creates indescribable pleasure in my mouth. Bravo!

IMG_5311Le cabillaud – Poached black cod fish fillet with braised endives in saffron bouillon. Kinda forgettable for me.

IMG_5317 L’onglet – Hanger steak in French-style with sautéed shallots and new potatoes. Not the best I’ve tasted, but still quite good.

IMG_5319L’Agneau – Grilled lamb saddle with vegetable taglierini with pesto and herbs jelly. This is my order and I love every bit of it. The lamb is extremely tender, the taglierini and herb jelly brilliant, and the mashed potato… it is the bomb!

IMG_5320My most awaited part of the meal - the dessert trolley! But why can’t I pick more than three? Why?????

IMG_5328  Chester’s plate

IMG_5327Frances’s plate

IMG_5331 Still Frances’s plate (but guess who ends up eating most of it?)

IMG_5323And yes, this is me. Hi. My name is Jin and I am a chocoholic.

IMG_5336 Excellent coffee and petit fours end the meal beautifully

IMG_5307Now can we go back to bed already?

Robuchon a Galera: 3/F Lisboa Tower, Hotel Lisboa, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau. Tel: +853-8803-7878

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Restaurante Fernando ♥


Restaurante Fernando is an institution in Macau. They do not accept reservations and they are always, always full.




People say you’ve never truly experienced Macau until you have a meal at this homey place in Coloane. And so we come.


IMG_5174Frances of Frannie Tales, Chester, and me


IMG_5183Ahhh… the giant breads of Macau


IMG_5186Stewed Clams in Wine Sauce – the clams are fresh and the sauce delicious. We drink the sauce using empty shells, and when scooping becomes an impossible feat, we mop the juices with the giant breads. Yum!


IMG_5194Roasted Half Chicken – quite ordinary


IMG_5190Roasted Suckling Pig – meat is tender but lacking in taste. The skin looks crispy but is actually soggy. Not our favorite.


IMG_5191Grilled Sardines – ok lah but no surprises


IMG_5184We wash it all down with a pitcher of sangria


IMG_5172Now this is what we girls love more than food – walls and walls of monies! Hahaha!


Restaurante Fenando: 9 Hac Sa Beach, Coloane Island, Macau. Tel: +853 2888 2264

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lawry’s ♥

So Uncle R is in town again this cold and rainy night. We need something to keep us warm, something piping hot, something nourishing, something like… Prime Rib! (Sorry, we are so not soup persons.)


But first, we order some salad in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. See, mom, dad, I do eat my veggies even when you’re not watching.

IMG_6651Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad

A blend of crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, shredded beets, chopped eggs, cherry tomatoes and croutons, tossed with Lawry’s vintage dressing in a salad bowl spun on a bed of ice.


IMG_6645The Salad Spinner


IMG_6652Lobster Bisque – a bit too salty but still yummy


Now for the prime rib, I usually have the petite cut (yeah yeah), but we are here for warmth tonight so I choose a bigger piece. Just for tonight, promise! 

IMG_6655Come on, chef, bring it on!


IMG_6660English Cut

I have the English Cut - three thin slices, deftly carved to heighten the beef flavor. And these are three huge thin slices! How I manage to finish everything, I blame it on the rain.


IMG_6658Diamond Jim Brady Cut

Uncle R likes his prime rib extra thick, and he likes only half of it. He packs the other half and insists I take it home. Hello there, tomorrow’s lunch!


IMG_6662Chocolate soufflé tastes quite ordinary, nothing to write home about.


The food at Lawry’s is ok good, but definitely not the greatest. It will not make you do cartwheels and back flips, but it is consistently good, and always reliable.

In the end, a good meal is all about the company.


IMG_6646Thank you, Uncle R, for being great company!


Lawry’s: 4/F, The Lee Garden, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel. +852-2907-2218

Friday, April 9, 2010

Leland and Rachel’s Wedding Reception

This is the video they showed during dinner.
This is their love story.

Video taken by (and stolen from) Jason Magbanua
But nothing is sablay about their wedding reception.
It is magical.
IMG_1993aThe newlyweds in front of the Enderun Campus
(Photo grabbed from Lito Sy’s album)
IMG_2067 Lee and Rach
IMG_2008Guests getting ready for the show
IMG_2002 IMG_2006
The fireworks are amazing but my camera’s too slow

And I’m not really a good videographer but here goes…

This is just the last few seconds of the display
IMG_2035The entrance
IMG_2050The setting
IMG_2037The cake
IMG_2048 The centerpiece
IMG_2045The signature cocktail

The food from Makati Shangri-La:

IMG_2072Salmon gravlax with marinated artichoke salad, micro greens and honey mustard dressing
IMG_2073Portobello mushroom soup with truffle foam, herb and parmesan crostini
IMG_2076Herb-crusted seabass with mushroom risotto, green asparagus and lemon beurre blanc
IMG_2087Flourless chocolate cake with vanilla mascarpone cream
25592_420821956557_723766557_5724218_7858184_n The bride, bridesmaids and cousins
groupGimlet, Mikey, Lee, Auntie Judy, Rach, Me, Kristie, Joy and Charlie

Enderun: 1100 Campus Avenue McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines.
Tel: +632-8565000

Makati Shangri-La: Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati, Philippines.
Tel: +632-8138888

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