Sunday, April 25, 2010

BLT Steak ♥ ♥

Sunday brunches are my thing. No need to wake up too early, you eat two meals in one go (or three if you have XXXL stomach storage like I do), you relax and take things slow, enjoy the view, the company, the conversation...

This bright and sunny Sunday noon, Shirley and I go to Bistro Laurent Tourondel (not Bacon Lettuce Tomato) Steak to fill up our oversized tummies.


First, we warm up our still half-asleep digestive systems with some munchies from the buffet table…

IMG_1305 Plate # 1


IMG_1308   Plate # 2


Still not satisfied, we order an additional appetizer from the ala carte menu.

IMG_1319Spicy Rock Prawns, Blue Cheese Dip

This turns out to be a total disaster. The batter is too thick, the blue cheese too little, and the prawns are not even a bit spicy. And they charge $138 for that few pieces. Major. Rip. Off.


IMG_1325Australian Ribeye 12 oz

Boring, tough, and tasteless. I love the wooden popsicle stick, but the steak is actually more m-well than m-rare.


IMG_1336Wagyu Flat Iron 10 oz

Now this is more like it. The wagyu is tasty, tender and juicy. It is far from being the best, but it does not disappoint either.


IMG_1350 Crêpé Soufflé, Passion Fruit Sauce 

I take a mouthful and I immediately understand why this is BLT’s bestselling dessert. The crepe soufflé is warm, moist and spongy. I let the bottom soak up as much passion fruit juice as it can absorb, and as if that is not enough, I drizzle some more on top. Each spoonful makes my mouth water and leaves me wanting more. Help! 


IMG_1342Cassis Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Sorbet 

I love how this baby is so photogenic and all, but after the soufflé, I’ve already exceeded my sourness quota for the day. I say chocolate people better stick to chocolates.


IMG_1353You hear that, Shirley? We’re sticking to chocolates starting today!


BLT Steak: Shop G62, Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2730-3508

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