Sunday, April 25, 2010

Robuchon a Galera ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We are on holiday and our clock reads 12:30pm. Nothing, I say NOTHING can drag our big and lazy asses off this super heavenly Four Seasons Hotel bed at this ungodly hour. 


Nothing, except the promise of an exceptional meal.

IMG_5345Robuchon a Galera is that promise.

IMG_5290Beautiful tasting breads

IMG_5284Amuse bouche - Apple-something mousse. Sorry, but my memory doesn’t function until after appetizer.

IMG_5294Le foie gras – Lightly smoked foie gras shaving on a Carpaccio of smoked figs with spices. Pure genius, that’s what this dish is.

IMG_5296La mozzarella – Crispy mozzarella with pressed fresh tomatoes in Mediterranean style. The funky looking balls taste just okay.

IMG_5300L’oseille - Sorrel bouillon with smoked salmon royal and touch of dill. Excellent!

IMG_5302L’haricot de Paimpol – White beans velouté with smoked duck breast and chorizo on top of a delicate parsley foam. The marriage of creamy and salty creates indescribable pleasure in my mouth. Bravo!

IMG_5311Le cabillaud – Poached black cod fish fillet with braised endives in saffron bouillon. Kinda forgettable for me.

IMG_5317 L’onglet – Hanger steak in French-style with sautéed shallots and new potatoes. Not the best I’ve tasted, but still quite good.

IMG_5319L’Agneau – Grilled lamb saddle with vegetable taglierini with pesto and herbs jelly. This is my order and I love every bit of it. The lamb is extremely tender, the taglierini and herb jelly brilliant, and the mashed potato… it is the bomb!

IMG_5320My most awaited part of the meal - the dessert trolley! But why can’t I pick more than three? Why?????

IMG_5328  Chester’s plate

IMG_5327Frances’s plate

IMG_5331 Still Frances’s plate (but guess who ends up eating most of it?)

IMG_5323And yes, this is me. Hi. My name is Jin and I am a chocoholic.

IMG_5336 Excellent coffee and petit fours end the meal beautifully

IMG_5307Now can we go back to bed already?

Robuchon a Galera: 3/F Lisboa Tower, Hotel Lisboa, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau. Tel: +853-8803-7878
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