Saturday, April 24, 2010

Restaurante Fernando ♥


Restaurante Fernando is an institution in Macau. They do not accept reservations and they are always, always full.




People say you’ve never truly experienced Macau until you have a meal at this homey place in Coloane. And so we come.


IMG_5174Frances of Frannie Tales, Chester, and me


IMG_5183Ahhh… the giant breads of Macau


IMG_5186Stewed Clams in Wine Sauce – the clams are fresh and the sauce delicious. We drink the sauce using empty shells, and when scooping becomes an impossible feat, we mop the juices with the giant breads. Yum!


IMG_5194Roasted Half Chicken – quite ordinary


IMG_5190Roasted Suckling Pig – meat is tender but lacking in taste. The skin looks crispy but is actually soggy. Not our favorite.


IMG_5191Grilled Sardines – ok lah but no surprises


IMG_5184We wash it all down with a pitcher of sangria


IMG_5172Now this is what we girls love more than food – walls and walls of monies! Hahaha!


Restaurante Fenando: 9 Hac Sa Beach, Coloane Island, Macau. Tel: +853 2888 2264

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