Friday, April 23, 2010

Lawry’s ♥

So Uncle R is in town again this cold and rainy night. We need something to keep us warm, something piping hot, something nourishing, something like… Prime Rib! (Sorry, we are so not soup persons.)


But first, we order some salad in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. See, mom, dad, I do eat my veggies even when you’re not watching.

IMG_6651Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad

A blend of crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, shredded beets, chopped eggs, cherry tomatoes and croutons, tossed with Lawry’s vintage dressing in a salad bowl spun on a bed of ice.


IMG_6645The Salad Spinner


IMG_6652Lobster Bisque – a bit too salty but still yummy


Now for the prime rib, I usually have the petite cut (yeah yeah), but we are here for warmth tonight so I choose a bigger piece. Just for tonight, promise! 

IMG_6655Come on, chef, bring it on!


IMG_6660English Cut

I have the English Cut - three thin slices, deftly carved to heighten the beef flavor. And these are three huge thin slices! How I manage to finish everything, I blame it on the rain.


IMG_6658Diamond Jim Brady Cut

Uncle R likes his prime rib extra thick, and he likes only half of it. He packs the other half and insists I take it home. Hello there, tomorrow’s lunch!


IMG_6662Chocolate soufflé tastes quite ordinary, nothing to write home about.


The food at Lawry’s is ok good, but definitely not the greatest. It will not make you do cartwheels and back flips, but it is consistently good, and always reliable.

In the end, a good meal is all about the company.


IMG_6646Thank you, Uncle R, for being great company!


Lawry’s: 4/F, The Lee Garden, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel. +852-2907-2218

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