Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spasso ♥ ♥


Been wanting to try Spasso’s truffle and Ligurian pastas ever since September 2, the day I read about them in Leslie’s post. So I am quite delighted Chiz suggested the Italian tapas place for our long-awaited get-together. Finally, carb-loading time!


IMG_3430I think the breads are kinda cute, don’t you? So cute I eat quite a few.
Forgive me, it’s 7:51pm and I am starving to death!


IMG_3447Watermelon Arugula Salad 
I order this salad for appetizer to have some sort of balance in my diet (yeah, yeah…)
In truth, I just love arugula and will order anything with the peppery, nutty, slightly bitter vegetable. Tossed with watermelon, pine nuts and pickled radish in lemon vinaigrette, this salad is zesty and absolutely delicious.  


IMG_3443Apple Gorgonzola Salad 
Chiz finishes her salad tossed in passion fruit vinaigrette so I’m guessing it’s pretty good, too.


IMG_3438Rustic Tomato Soup
Princess and Camille, the healthier bunch, opt for soup. According to them, this tastes just alright.


Dexter orders for himself a few tapas which we all end up eating. Actually, I think I end up doing the most eating. BUT HE OFFERED!!!

IMG_3452Spicy Garlic Shrimp – not too spicy, shrimps not overcooked, not bad at all


IMG_3455Meatball Diablo – somehow I find this lacking in flavor


IMG_3457Foie Gras, Caramelized Peach, Bruschetta 
I hate to say it, but it is the peach, not the liver, that I enjoy the most. The foie gras is more mushy than buttery, none of that meat-wanting-to-be-butter umami that I love.
None. Nada.


IMG_3463Chicken Diablo (half portion) 
The healthier bunch splits the herb grilled chicken which Camille says is just so-so.


IMG_3468Mushroom Tartufo Risotto (half portion) 
And they also split this truffle cream Italian rice dish which Princess raves about.


4948188666_51b7069d8aTagliatelle with Salsa Tartufo 
I am too busy trance eating I forget to take a photo of the truffle cream pasta Chiz and I share, so here I am, shamefully stealing one from Shoot First, Eat Later. (Thank you, Leslie!) This is the pasta that could have been. Extremely rich and creamy with the earthiness of truffles and saltiness of the ham sitting atop, this could have been one of the best truffle pastas in Manila EXCEPT the pasta is soooooo soggy it’s like eating Italian pancit lomi. Yeah, I used to prefer my pasta this soft and mushy, like when my bedroom still looked like a Barbie house. The overcooked tagliatelle totally ruins the dish.


IMG_3470Ligurian Pasta (half portion)
Good thing Chiz and I share this seafood pasta in bouillabaisse sauce. Although the noodles are not as al dente as I would’ve wanted, I proclaim this the best dish of the night.
Beautiful, beautiful flavors of the sea.


IMG_3476Bistecche Parmegiano – US Wagyu beef crusted with parmesan cheese
Jeff has this steak and a whole order of the tagliatelle, too, so I do not hesitate asking him for one tiny piece. The beef is tender, yes, but I find no flavor in it. And the parmesan crust doesn’t work either. This feels like eating a Tempur pillow covered in slightly salty sawdust. Sorry, Spasso. The other steak choices sound delicious though. I’d love to try the Rucola, Rustica and Contadina next time. 


IMG_3480Spasso is a nice hang out place. It’s a comfortable size, dim, has a wall full of wines.
Live band starts playing at 9pm, and they’re quite good, too.


Princess, Camille, Mike, Dexter, Jeff, Chiz, Me


Spasso Italian Tapas and Enoteca: Luxe Residences, 4th Avenue corner 28th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines. Tel: +632-556-0070

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