Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sala Bistro ♥ ♥

When I crave portabella, 3 restaurants come to mind.

1. Purple Feet for the rich and decadent foie gras-infused version,

2. Cru for the sweet and tangy version, and

3. Sala Bistro for the tart and creamy goat cheese version with sprinkling of truffle oil.


IMG_5130Garlicky portabella mushrooms with goat cheese on toast 
Sometimes I order one serving as appetizer, sometimes 3 servings as main course


IMG_5134Italian seafood and fish stew
I never liked my seafood stewed because more often than not, they turn out overcooked. But the waiter convinces me to try this by announcing it is the restaurant specialty.
Well, what can I say. I am right again. I drink some of the soup, but leave the overcooked seafood almost untouched. 


IMG_7121Herb roasted lapu-lapu fillet with rosemary potato and sweet pepperonata
The fish is cooked to a beautiful and delicious crisp yet remains soft and moist inside.
The sweet red peppers are a lovely complement.


IMG_5131US Angus Ribeye
Oh no! What happened to the restaurant specialty? Tough, rubbery and full of gristle,
this is steak gone wrong. I feel evil about saying this, but you can get the same quality steak at House of Minis for half the price.


IMG_7122Casarecce with porcini, guanciale and truffle cream
I tell you, with a bad cold and nose stuffed with all kinds of things I’d rather not tell you about, I can still smell and taste the truffle. Earthy, creamy goodness.
Give my nose a week to heal, and I’ll be back for this.


And the portabella. Oh, the portabella!


Sala Bistro: Unit 114, G/F Garden Side, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines. Tel: +632-729-4888

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