Friday, December 3, 2010

Restaurant Ciçou ♥ ♥

55 & 58 – the number of candles my dad and mom blew out on their birthdays this year

4 – the number of children they raised, fed, educated, protected

3 – the number of their grandchildren who are growing up just too fast

25 – Mom’s age when she walked down the aisle

22 – Dad’s age when he slipped the wedding ring on her finger

31, 30, 28 & 25 – the current ages of their children who are not anymore so “children”

And 6 – the number of bread my Dad devoured at Restaurant Ciçou last night


Yes, this is THE Bread responsible for turning him into such a big carb monster.
I hear the beautiful sound of the crispest crust breaking as I tear this bread in half, and the butter turns into liquid gold as soon as it touches the soft and warm insides.
I am just as guilty. I had 3.


Amuse Bouche - Egg Salad with Raspberry Dressing


4 – the number of courses in the Foie Gras Degustation

IMG_2973Marbled Terrine de Foie Gras, Unagi, Teriyaki sauce, Lemon Confit and Red Cabbage Salad – I’ve had foie gras-unagi combinations quite a few times before, but to pair it with lemon confit instead of the usual apple, pear and figs? Brilliance.


Duck Liver Ravioli, Chicken Bouillon, Cream of Mushroom and Truffle Cappuccino –
the ravioli skin is delicate and fine, and the broth is filled with the earthy mushroom-truffle umami I so love. Exquisite until the very last drop.


IMG_3002Mini Duck Liver Hamburger – the burger may be really tiny, but the patty is big on meat.
I have a feeling Chef Cyrille used finely chopped beef instead of the ground version.
Good stuff. And would be even better if that generous piece of liver is seared a bit longer 
for that caramelized flavor.


IMG_3011My perfectly medium rare burger. Watch and weep!


6 – the number of times Chef Cyrille comes by our table (and all other tables) to make sure everyone is finding everything alright. He is such a dedicated host, making us feel like we are actually good friends he invited over to his home for dinner rather than mere guests in a restaurant.

And so when I put in a request to replace two of the burgers with something non-beef (for the parents), and to have other drinks instead of the two glasses of wine that come with the meal (for the non-alcoholics), he happily agrees. He is such a Care Bear.


IMG_2993Mini Duck Liver Chicken Burger for Dad


IMG_2995Mini Duck Liver Fish Burger for Mom


IMG_3017Chantilly of Duck Liver, Chocolate and Coffee Pistachio – 
light and airy, like eating foie gras-flavored foam. The chocolate cuts very nicely into the delicate and buttery mousse, although I wish they poured in a tablespoonful of it rather than just sprinkle a few droplets. I am a self-confessed hardcore sweet tooth, so although good, this is just not sweet and chocolatey enough to be my dessert.


So I pick two items from the dessert menu (the real deal this time) to end the meal.

Chocolate Fondant (Maracaibo Felchlin), Vanilla Ice Cream, Macaron, Chocolate Sauce -
now that’s more like it. Rich. Dark. Sexy. Intense. Exactly how I like my chocolate.


IMG_3043Freshly Baked Apple Tart Caramelized with Brown, White and Muscovado Sugar served with Green Tea Ice Cream


IMG_3035Petit Fours


33 – the number of years my parents have been sharing their lives together, caring, tormenting, fighting, holding hands, bickering, understanding and supporting each other. Nope, their marriage is not always a bed of roses, but after 3 decades and 3 years, here they are, still arguing and agreeing, still friends, still loving each other, still together.


IMG_3046And to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary, Chef Cyrille gives us a
Kouing-Aman… wait for it… Birthday Cake! Hehehe!
But because the caramelized laminated sweet dough with salted caramel ice cream beautifully melting on top of it is so sinfully delicious, no one dares complain!


Happy Birthday Anniversary!


And finally, 999 – the price we paid per person for the 4-course foie gras degustation. Awesome deal from CashCashPinoy!


Thank you, Chef Cyrille, for a wonderful meal!


Restaurant Ciçou: Hotel Céleste, San Lorenzo Drive corner A. Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City, Philippines. Tel: +632-889-6728, +632-887-8080 Loc. 242

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