Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuna Raw Fish Susi ♥

No, I did not spell it wrong.

It is really Susi, without the H.



It’s just a tiny shop with bright lights, always full of Koreans, sashimi, sushi, and soju. I didn’t even know sashimi can be Korean. Ooops, I mean sasimi. Ahihihi.

It’s only Mom, Dad and me for dinner tonight, so we order the Sashimi Set B, which consists of a sashimi platter and 12 side dishes.


IMG_3819Sashimi Platter – not really the freshest. Based on texture alone, I’d say these are previously frozen, and thawed, frozen again, and then thawed again.
Wrap the sashimi slices in nori, do as the Koreans do.


IMG_3814Congee – I applaud the addition of sesame oil, gives an otherwise dull-tasting congee so much excitement and flavor. My favorite of all side dishes.


There is not much to say about the eleven others. Some are ok, some so-so, and some just blah.

IMG_3815Salad – I like the fried garlic chips


IMG_3816Kaldereta Tuna – tasty stuff


IMG_3818Steamed Egg – silky… and bland


IMG_3823Golden Mushrooms


IMG_3826Breaded Egg


IMG_3829Breaded Shrimp


IMG_3833Cold Marinated Oysters








IMG_3853Mixed Tempura


IMG_3855Miso Soup


IMG_3864Fish soup – head, meat, and all kinds of fish parts imaginable


The young Korean lady owner comes to our table and announces they have special tuna belly that has just been flown in. We order some to try.

IMG_3841Looks nice and fatty but… nah, it’s chewy, veiny and not even a hint of that handsome
toro umami


IMG_3831aThe Korean lady owner and Dad. Now that is handsome! Smile


Tuna Raw Fish Susi: Maria Orosa St. cor. Gen. Miguel Malvar St., Malate, Manila, Philippines

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