Saturday, June 19, 2010

Purple Feet ♥ ♥


Ahh wine, that beautiful colored liquid squished out from grapes by hundreds of strangers’ stomping feet, that same liquid which we pay a fortune to drink…




The Wine Depot reminds us of the natural process of making wine in the past by naming its in-house restaurant “Purple Feet.” Yes, as in bare human feet stained purple from all that grape stomping.

Clever, but errr… I think we are skipping wine tonight.

No, not because of that lingering image of colored feet, toes and toenails (eeew!), but because we are with 2 expectant moms, who as of this day are already proud moms of handsome 2-month old boys. Congratulations, Wendy and Sheila!


IMG_5629Portobello mushroom stuffed with foie gras and stilton cheese, topped with mozzarella and truffle oil

I read this from the blackboard menu and I know right away how delicious this is gonna be. I take a bite and almost fall off my chair. I am not prepared. I think nothing can ever prepare me for the genuine ambrosial experience that this is. Everyone MUST order this.



IMG_5635 U.S. Prime Rib Eye, half order, cooked medium

As our server suggests, we order this Purple Feet pièce de résistance to share among all of us. I do not have to say much, I know you can tell. The steak is dry and tough and everything a US Prime Rib Eye shouldn’t be. Such a big let down after the Portobello mushroom high.



IMG_5633 U.S. Prime Rib Eye, half order, well done

To have good prime rib this well done is an unforgivable crime, but we will have nothing raw or even slightly raw for our two mommies-to-be.



IMG_5637 Mushroom risotto – just ok


IMG_5639Callos – ox tripe, pork legs and ox tail cooked till tender, flavored with saffron, bacon and chorizo – a bit bland but not bad at all


IMG_5644Panna cotta – ordinary stuff


IMG_5642Tiramisu – quite good


After all that food, I still want more of those yummy Portobello mushrooms.

Geez, and I am not even the pregnant one.


IMG_5648 Thank you, Stephen, for taking this photo! - Rheena, Marie, Me, Wendy, Sheila


Purple Feet: Wine Depot, 217 Nicanor Garcia, Bel-Air, Makati City, Philippines. Tel: +632-8973220, +632-8978167

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