Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orchard Hotel and Orchard Café ♥



It’s past one o’clock in the morning when the taxi drops me off at the hotel door. It is so quiet. Everyone’s asleep. Even the bellboy is asleep, but that’s alright. After all, I am a big girl, I can carry my own bags.

Check-in is a breeze. In no time at all, my luggage and I are on the way to our room.


IMG_0816The 28 sqm superior room is small and basic


IMG_0819Like I said, it is small and basic. But that’s alright. As long as it’s clean, I’m alright.


IMG_0813水 = Water
I guess this is where you take a bath.


IMG_0814The tub/shower area is not very big, but as long as I fit, I guess it’s okay.


Small + Basic + Clean = Good.

But next time I’ll pick a hotel closer to the MRT.


The growling stomach wakes me up early the next morning. I go down to the lobby to get me some food.

IMG_0860Breakfast buffet at The Orchard Café


IMG_0979My light and healthy breakfast. The end.



IMG_0822…NOT!!! Okay, I have just a little more. Anyway, they say salad is healthy.


IMG_0972And I have to eat rice. Doctor’s orders.


IMG_0976Believe me, I tried to resist, but this rabbit is just too cute!



Now I’m off to meet with Rad for lunch.


IMG_0858The hotel has an outdoor area where guests can hang out. Pretty nice at night.


Tomorrow I move to Quincy Hotel.


Orchard Hotel Singapore: 442 Orchard Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6734 7766

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